Chester Machine Tools focus on Pillar and Bench Drills

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Chester Machine Tools focus on Pillar and Bench Drills

Pillar Drill

Chester supply two types of machine drill, the bench drill and the pillar drill. The bench drill is used for drilling holes through materials including a range of woods, plastics and metals. It is normally bolted to a bench so that it cannot be pushed over and that larger pieces of material can be drilled safely.

Chester's range BD/FD Series feature: 

  • Fully Geared Head with Two Speed Motor for High Torque
  • Head Rotates 360° to enable drilling in any position
  • Auto Tool Ejector releases tooling quickly
  • Cast Iron Column ensures stability in drilling
  • Table Tilts 45° of centre allowing angled drilling
  • Table Rotates 360°
  • Vertical Movement of Head via Worm Gear
  • Optional Power Feed Quill

Pillar Drill

These drills are superbly finished with precision ground tables and column. All models are supplied with drill chuck guards and No Volt Release safety switchgear. Ideal for the general workshop, each machine is easy to use with simple robust controls capable of withstanding continuous use.

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Kitchen & Walker Pillar and Bench Drilling Machines

Kitchen & Walker Pillar Drill

Chester machine tools specialise in the supply of Pillar Drilling Machines and Pillar / Bench Drilling Machines, we have our renowned brand of Kitchen & Walker pillar drilling and bench drilling machines, the Kitchen & Walker GP/GB series feature:

  • digital speed readout
  • Powered table elevation
  • Pressurised lubrication
  • Electronic clutch
  • Digital depth gauge
  • Auto feed
  • Auto tapping
  • Fine feed
  • Worktable can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Table can be tilted 45 degrees

The larger version of the machine drill is called the pillar drill. This has a long column which stands on the floor. This can do exactly the same work as the bench drill but because of its larger size it is capable of being used to drill larger pieces of materials and produce larger holes.

Chester Machine Tools offer a wide range of pillar drill and bench drill machines, our machines are suitable for both industrial and workshop facilities.

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