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Chester Machine Tools for Industry & Manufacturing - Focus on machines

Chester Machine Tools are not only one of the leading suppliers here in the UK, we also a supply globally. Our brands and our ethos are built on quality, service and competitively priced products. We are a fully accredited business with ISO9001 and CE certification.

The Chester brand is emerging as one of the world's leading suppliers of machine tools to Industry and Manufacturing. Here we focus on machines that are specifically versatile for industrial and manufacturing use.

Kitchen & Walker G50x1250/1600 Radial Drilling Machine

Since 1959 Kitchen & Walker have been making radial drilling machines of outstanding quality.

Today, as in the past,  they are adamant that they provide their customers with a machine that is  consistent,dependable and tough for the rigours of industrial and manufacturing use. Each Kitchen & Walker machine is subject to a full, rigid inspection both before despatch and at all stages of assembly.

This Radial Drilling Machine features:

• D.C. Injection Brake

• ’T’ Slotted Box Table

• Coolant System

• Low-Volt Work Light

• Hydraulic Gear Selection

• Ground and Hardened Guideways

• Arm Elevation via Screw and Motor

• Full Hydraulic Clamping

Kitchen & Walker Radial Drilling Machine


Brierley TC2 Cuttermaster - Tool & Cutter Grinder

This machine can grind: drills, end mills, slot drills, ball end mills, turning tools, side surface cutters, taps, reamers and tool lathe inserts.

Brierley Tool & Cutter Grinder

A superbly engineered Tool and Cutter Grinder, the Cuttermaster is able to grind drills,end mills, slot drills, ball end mills,turning tools,side surface cutters, taps,reamers and lathe tool inserts. To provide the accuracy expected of a machine of this type the spindle has an air bearing fitted as standard. Its motor assembly has the facility to tilt giving positive and negative cutting angles. Grinding the side and face of end mills can be performed in one operation without removing the cutter saving operator setup time, andthe machine is supplied with a clearance chart for end mill cutters from 3/16" - 3".

The base of machine is made from precision ground cast iron providing a rigid structure from which the grinding can function correctly and turn out repeated high quality work.

Scot Urquhart CL38 Lathe

Scot Urquhart CL38 Astra Lathe

A superb machine for industrial use, this machine features castings that are properly stabilised and stress relieved. Bedways are hardened and ground to Min. HS-70. Turcite B coating between the bed and carriage. Extremely low noise level. Foot brake pedal provided. Built in coolant pump and fitting provided. CSS (Constant Surface Speed Control) on request for E.V.S. Model. and the wider bed way absorbs vibration. For precision and performance choose a Scot Urquhart machine.

Chester Slant Bed CNC Lathes

Chester CNC Slant bed Lathe


 10/12 Position Turret

• The turret is compactly constructed and combined with bi-directional random tool selection for quick tool change.

• Tool change time is quickly accomplished in only 0.6 seconds.

• The 10 position turret accomodates 25x25mm O.D. tools and 40mm I.D. tools.

• The 12 position turret accomodates 20x20mm O.D. tools and 32mm I.D. tools.

 Programmable Tailstock

• The ruggedly constructed, programmable tailstock and quill movement can be controlled on the control panel for easy setup and accurate positioning.

• Tailstock movement is driven by turret slide.


Complete Oil Fluid Separation

• In addition to the oil fluid separation design on X and Z axes, the cutting fluid tank is specially designed with a labyrinth construction to fully exhaust

the floating oil. This assures no oil mixes with cutting fluid.

• Double filters in the fluid tank ensure clean recirculated fluid.


Optional Tool Pre-Setter

• The tool pre-setter effectively reduces cutting tests while saving machining time.

• The mechanism is used for measuring tool diameter and length.

• The tool adjustment arm is powered and program controlled.


Optional Power Turret

• Equipped with VDI 30 power turret to ensure the most excellent machining results.

• Driven by Fanuc (L2) spindle motor.


Optional Cs Axis Function

• Cs Axis + live system, suitable for turning, drilling and

milling functions.


Hercules Super - Chester Universal Milling Machine

Features a Very large Milling table, large load capacity, universal head, large bedways for high stability, pendant control box and includes 3 Axis digital read out.

Hercules Chester Universal Milling Machine

Chester Boring Machines - CNC HHB200-CNC Horizontal Boring Machine


• Siemens 840D CNC System

• Automatic Tool Changer
• CNC Rotary Table (3000x4000mm, 4000x4000mm for TK6926)
• Vertical Milling Head
• Universal Milling Head
• Elongating Milling Head
• Facing Head
• Chip Conveyor
• Foot Plate

CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

Chester Shaping & Slotting Machines

Chester Shaping & Slotting Machines are built from high quality cast iron, producing a machine that will provide longevity and premium production. Chester engineers check each machine during and after manufacture ensuring that the customer is provided with a machine that will meet their expectations.





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