Chester's Premium Range of Lathes

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Chester's Premium Range of Lathes

The ‘CL’ series range of lathes are our Premium range of lathes made from the highest quality castings which are stabilised and stress relieved. The bedways are hardened to minimum HS-70 and we include Turcite B coating between the bed and carriage. The machines are extremely quite with extremely low vibration even at high speed due to the wide bed ways. The machines are fitted with Heidehain DRO system as standard and are available with optional variable speed and optional constant surface speed.

• All Castings are Properly Stabilized and Stress Relieved.
• Bed Ways are Hardened & Ground to Min. HS-70.
• Turcite B Coating Between the Bed and Carriage
• Extremely Low Noise Level
• Foot Brake Pedal Provided
• Built-in Coolant Pump & Fitting Provided
• CSS (Constant Surface Speed Control) on Request for E.V.S. Model
• Wider Bed Way Absorbs Vibration

• Chuck Guard
• Tool Post Guard
• Lead Screw Cover
• Halogen Work Lamp
• Steady Rest
• Follow Rest
• Digital Read Out - Heidenhain as standard
• Backplate for 12” Chuck
• Dead Center MT.5
• Dead Center MT.5 with Carbide Tip
• Spindle Center Sleeve MT.7
• Level Pads......8 pcs
• Tool Set & Box
• Operation Manual & Parts List

• 3-Jaws Scroll Chuck
• 4-JAW Inependent Chuck
• 5C Collet Chuck Attachment
• 5C Collets
• Hydraulic Copy Attachment
• Tool Post Grinding Attachment
• Taper Turning Attachment
• Face Plate 14”
• Drill Chuck & Arbor1/2”
• Live Center
• Quick Change Tool Post
• Carriage Micro Stop
• Rapid Feed Motor

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