Flintshire Falcons U13s Match Update - Brilliant Again


Flintshire Falcons U13s Match Update - Brilliant Again

Following the victories from their previous two games, Falcons U13s headed to Thatto with the hope of continuing their winning success, but conscious of the ability and skill of their competitors.

The pleasantest of late spring evenings saw a strong Falcons squad take to the field at Thatto and fifty minutes later they departed victors having given a consummate performance.

A victory that can be laid square at the door of one group of men. Lindsay, Brown, Chaloner, Roberts , Roberts and Adenyi provided the immense forward platform that is needed to prosper at the highest level.  All ran their blood to water in a performance that exuded aggression and more importantly, control.

A bagful of Leech tries, interspersed with fine efforts from Adeniyi and Simmons was the icing on the cake of a grown-up display. From one to seventeen, each and every man played with a passion and belief that was too strong for the hosts. All were immense and all should be congratulated.

The key word to the evening was control. A control that we haven’t really seen in this group before and a control that if maintained will make them difficult to beat. 

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