Latest Brochures

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Latest Brochures

You will find our latest brochures on our website - if you are looking for a specific machine or need tooling for your workshop they are available to download / view online. You can also get them from each of our product categories.

Kitchen & Walker Brochure

Brierley Brochure

Scot Urquhart Brochure

Chester Lathes Brochure

Chester Milling Machines Brochure

Chester Boring Machines Brochure

Chester Shaping & Slotting Machines Brochure

Chester Sawing Machines Brochure

Chester Fabrication Machines Brochure

Chester Workshop Brochure

Chester Toolholding Brochure

Chester Workholding Brochure

Chester Metrology Brochure

Chester Cutting Tools Brochure

Chester Parts & Accessories Brochure


If there is anything you want to discuss with us about products, purchasing, items in stock, please don't hesitate to get in touch.




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