Metrology - what is it?


Metrology - what is it?

The word Metrology is derived from the Greek 'metron' which means ‘to measure’. It is basically the science of measurement.

Metrology deals with:

  • Measurement theory
  • Units of measurement and their physical realization
  • Measurement processes, procedures and methods
  • Characteristics of measuring instruments.

In the machine tool industry Chester Machine Tools supply accurate measuring tools for Industrial metrology, which has to ensure the adequate functioning of measurement instruments used in industry, as well as in production and testing processes.

Metrology plays an important function in industrial application it provides the assurance of quality and efficiency for many aspects of industrial processes and operations depend on the metrological integrity of instruments or systems. Compliance with quality system certification often requires test and inspection equipment to have international traceability.

Tools that provide metrology measurements are designed for the purpose of providing a measurement standard to define, realize, conserve or reproduce a unit or one or more values of a quantity to serve as a reference.

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