Chester Machine Tools Own Chris Danby - Star Of Robot Wars


Chester Machine Tools Own Chris Danby - Star Of Robot Wars

We have a mechanical engineering and TV star in our midst at Chester Machine Tools, our very own Chris Dandy has been designing and engineering combat Robots since he was 16 years old. He has starred in the famous TV series Robot Wars.

The talented Chris has just designed the third incarnation of 'APEX'  a veritable robotic predator in the combat arena.

The Evolution of APEX

Chris and his brother Craig who also designs combat robots and stars in the series, have a long association with Chester Machine Tools, they actually owned a Chester Lathe and way before Chris worked at CMT, he was using the lathe to machine parts for their fantastical mechanical creations.

Chris' Team mate Sam Price is supporting Chris with his creation.

Head over to Chris' facebook page and support him in his journey for Robot War domination:

 A bit about Robot Wars

Robot Wars features 40 distinct combat Robots, self-built by the competitors, fighting in a purpose-built arena to be crowned champion. The first five episodes are the qualifiers, with the winner of each guaranteeing its place in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final (Episode 6) features the winners of the previous five episodes – alongside one runner-up chosen by our three judges – returning to battle for our coveted trophy.


Best of Luck Chris & Sam - from the CMT Team

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