STYLE - Made in Holland CNC Lathes

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STYLE - Made in Holland CNC Lathes


The Heart of STYLE is the control system - The STYLE control system is accessible for the apprentice metalworker and offers extensive functionalities for the experienced operator.

Programming as Simple as A-B-C

After a few clicks and entering a minimum number of values, each machining operation can be viewed immediately and continually on the 19” touchscreen.

With the STYLE control system’s clear 3D simulation program it allows each workpiece to be extensively tested and optimised before production. Your manufacturing time is also calculated automatically.

The CNC software has been designed for quick and easy drawing and manipulation of single pieces and small production runs.

Easy, Smart and Simple Programming • Extensive CNC functionality • 3D simulation program • Graphic interface on 19” touchscreen • DxF files import • Free contour drawing with a minimum of values • ISO G-codes import, edit and execute • Easy to learn and use • Shortcuts and key codes for faster working • Execute of large G-code programes • Program with an extensive intuitive control without any G-code knowledge • Thread repair and prototyping • Desktop prep version

The Best Lathe For Small Series • For single pieces and small series • Featuring easy and intuitive control • Modern and ergonomic design • 6 models with diameters from 350mm up to 1200mm • Distance between centres 850mm up to 5000mm • Double prism and accurate guides • Stable Cast Iron frame • Fully enclosed machine, CE approved • Optimal accessibility and operational ease • Complete Dutch design and development • Produced and controlled from Holland • Several options available.

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