The Importance of Engineering For All


The Importance of Engineering For All

On the cusp of a UK recession, people are wondering how we can continue to afford to invest in much-needed infrastructure plans for  the future of engineering.

We can’t afford to be idle and tip-toe round the issues of a UK recession and financial instability due to BREXIT.

By investing in the future of Engineering and our infrastructure, the country can provide a lasting incentive for the economy, and maintain a solid base for the future growth. There are, however, a number of critical obstacles that are standing in the way, the most important being the global lack of skill within varying fields of engineering, it has been noted that the lack of engineering graduates poses a real threat to the future of our global society.

Tiina Roose, Professor of Biological and Environmental Modelling at the University of Southampton told The Guardian, “I think it is important to get the richness of engineering represented in the primary and secondary school curriculum and in the media.

“Engineering is about finding practical solutions to problems that society faces due to climate change, ageing population and so on, rather than what is currently a very Brunel-esque representation of it being about bridges and railways in schools and in the media.”

Engineering has one primary goal and that is to benefit mankind and everything that inhabits the earth. The demands of modern society require us to continually interact with our surrounding environment; to harvest and exact what we need to sustain life and develop human empires. It is, the Engineers role however to minimise the damage we cause to the environment by constantly inventing, designing, maintaining and creating systems that are efficient as well as safe for all.



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