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Model HB110CNC HB110-2CNC
Spindle diameter 110mm 110mm
Worktable size(L*W) 1320 x 1010mm 1320 x 1010mm
Max.loading of worktable 5000kg 5000kg
Distance from spindle center to table top 5-905mm 5-1205mm
Transverse travel of table(X) 850mm 1800mm
Longitudinal travel of table(Z) 1300mm 1300mm
Headstock vertical travel(Y) 900mm 1200mm
Spindle axial travel(W) 550mm 550mm
Max.boring diameter 240 240
Max.drilling diameter 50 50
Inner hole taper of spindle BT50 BT50
Facing head tool holder’s radial travel 160mm 160mm
Max.machining diameter of facing head tool holder 630mm 630mm
Facing head tool holder feeding step Variable speed Variable speed
Feeding range 0.2-330mm/min 0.2-330mm/min
Spindle feeding step Variable speed Variable speed
Feeding range 0.5-1000mm/min 0.5-1000mm/min
Spindle rapid traverse 3600mm/min 3600mm/min
Facing head tool holder rapid traverse 1180mm/min 1180mm/min
Max.allowable torque on spindle 1100N.m 1100N.m
Max.allowable torque on facing head 1100N.m 1100N.m
Max.allowable axial feed force on spindle 13000N 13000N
Spindle speed step Variable speed Variable speed
Facing head speed step Variable speed Variable speed
Spindle speed range 12-1100rm 12-1100rm
Facing head speed range 4-130rpm 4-130rpm
Main motor power 11/15kw(14.74/20.10hp) 11/15kw(14.74/20.10hp)
Rapid traverse 5000mm/min 5000mm/min
Positioning accuracy X 0.032mm 0.04mm
Positioning accuracy Y 0.032mm 0.04mm
Positioning accuracy Z 0.04mm 0.04mm
Repeated positioning accuracy 0.015mm 0.015mm
Overall dimensions 4970 x 2100 x 3010mm 4970 x 2717 x 3120mm
Net weight of machine 10700kg 14500kg


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