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Optimum Structural Design

Following years of research and development  Chester slant bed CNC lathes offer unique rigidity.  The design concept behind the CH-20 and CH-26 series is to enhance heavy duty machining, precision and stability.  With its excellent machine structure, you can handle heavy cutting with more ease than ever before.

• 45o slant bed construction assures solid support of turret and efficient chip removal.

• Massive base construction combined with advanced honey comb rib reinforcement minimises vibration while upgrading structural rigidity and stability.

• The entire machine construction is heavier than competitive models for outstanding stability.

• Box ways on X and Z axes, slide way surfaces are hardened, precision ground and coated with Turcite B for maximum wear resistance.

• Extra wide slide ways on X and Z axes for increased stability during machining.

• All major structural parts are manufactured from high quality Mehanite cast iron and tempered to relieve stress for lifetime deformation free operations.

• Cs axis function is available as an option enabling turning, drilling, grooving and milling functions to be performed in one setup.

Quality Features Throughout Assure Greater Value

10/12 Position Turret

• The turret is compactly constructed and combined with bidirectional random tool selection for quick tool change.

• Tool change time is quickly accomplished in only 0.6 seconds.

• The 10 position turret accommodates 25x25mm O.D. tools and 40mm I.D. tools.

• The 12 position turret accommodates 20x20mm O.D. tools and 32mm I.D. tools.


Programmable Tail stock

• The ruggedly constructed, programmable tail stock and quill movement can be controlled on the control panel for easy setup and accurate positioning.

• Tail stock movement is driven by the turret slide.


Complete Oil Fluid Separation

• In addition to the oil fluid separation design on X and Z axes, the cutting fluid tank is specially designed with a labyrinth construction to fully exhaust the floating oil.  This assures no oil mixes with the cutting fluid.

• Double filters in the fluid tank ensure clean recirculated fluid.


Optional Tool Pre-Setter

• The tool pre-setter effectively reduces cutting tests while saving machining time.

• The mechanism is used for measuring tool diameter and length.

• The tool adjustment arm is powered and program controlled.


Optional Power Turret

• Equipped with VDI 30 power turret to ensure the most excellent machining results.

• Driven by Fanuc (L2) spindle motor.


Optional Cs Axis Function

• Cs Axis + live system, suitable for turning, drilling and milling functions.                                                    

• Siemens/Fanuc Controller

• Chip Conveyor and Chip Bucket Cart.

• Pedal Switch for Chuck Opening and Closing

• Work Lamp

• Coolant System

• Heat Exchanger

• MT4 Rotating Centre

• Soft Jaws and Hard Jaws

• Toolset and Box

• Manual



No of control axis

2 Axis

2 Axis+Cs axis

2 Axis

2 Axis+Cs axis

Swing over bed

Ø630mm (24.8")

Standard turning diameter

H10....Ø230mm (90.5")/H12....Ø300mm (11.81")/V12….Ø200mm (7.87")

Maximum turning diameter

H10….Ø300mm (11.81")/H12….Ø340mm (13.38")/V12….Ø250mm (9.84")

Work length

H10….580mm (22.83")/H12….600mm (23.62")/V12….Ø590mm (23.23")

Headstock and Main Spindle

Spindle nose, Internal taper

A2-6, Ø69 Taper 1/20

A2-6, Ø81 Taper 1/20

Spindle bore

Ø65mm (2.56")

Ø78mm (3.07")

Bar capacity

Ø52mm (2.04")

Ø65mm (2.56")

Hydraulic power chuck

Ø210mm (8")

Ø254mm (10")

Range of spindle speed

45-4500 r.p.m

35-3500 r.p.m

Front bearing ID of spindle

Ø100mm (3.937")

Ø120mm (4.724")

Cross-slide (X axis) and Carriage (Z-axis)

Cross slide travel (X-axis)

H10….Ø190mm (7.48")/H12….Ø207mm (8.15")/V12….Ø220mm (8.66")

Longitudinal travel (Z-axis)

H10….590mm (23.23")/H12….610mm (24.02")/V12….600mm (23.62")

AC servo motor (X-axis)

1.6kW  8N.m ~ FANUC  8/3000i

AC servo motor (Z-axis)

3.0kW  12N.m ~ FANUC 12/3000i

Dia. of ball screw (X-axis)

Ø32mm (1.26") P5 C3

Dia. of ball screw (Z-axis)

Ø40mm (1.57") P10 C3

Rapid traverse speed (X-axis)

15 m/min (590 ipm)

Rapid traverse speed (Z-axis)

20 m/min (787 ipm)

Cutting feed rate (both axes)

0.001 ~ 500 mm/rev

Hydraulic Turret

Tool station (Random)

H10….10 tools/H12….12 tools/V12….12 Tools

Tool shank


Boring bar diameter

H10….Ø40mm (1.575")/H12….Ø32mm (1.26")/V12….Ø32mm (1.26")

Programmable Tailstock

Quill diameter

Ø85mm (3.346")

Quill travel

120mm (4.72")

Taper of centre

MT. No. 4

Tailstock travel

550mm (21.65")


Main spindle (continuous rated)

STD.AC9kW (12hp)  OPT. ACT11kW (15hp)

STD.AC11kW (15hp)   OPT.AC15kW (20hp)

Main spindle (30 min rated)

STD.AC11kW (15hp)  OPT.AC15kW (20hp)

STD.AC15kW (20hp)  OPT.AC18.5kW (25hp)

Hydraulic oil pump

2.2kw (3hp)

Coolant pump

375kw (0.5hp)

Power turret

V12….AC 2.2kW (3hp)

Tank Capacity

Hydraulic Tank

65 Litre (14.3 gal.)

Coolant Tank

180 Litre (39.6 gal.)


Weight Approx.



Machine sizes



Width x Height

1565mm x 1910mm



• Siemens/Fanuc Controller

• Chip Conveyor and Chip Bucket Cart.

• Pedal Switch for Chuck Opening and Closing

• Work Lamp

• Coolant System

• Heat Exchanger

• MT4 Rotating Centre

• Soft Jaws and Hard Jaws

• Toolset and Box

• Manual



• Auto Door

• Transformer

• Tool Pre-Setter

• Collet Chuck

• Parts Catcher

• Auto Bar Feeder and Interface

• Air Blow System for Chuck Cleaning

• Power Turret

• Cs Axis Function