4 Jaw Independent Chucks – CAMLOCK FITTING


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Size Weight Camlock Stock Code
160mm 8kg D1-5 011-005
200mm 16kg D1-4 011-006
200mm 16kg D1-6 011-008
200mm 18kg D1-8 011-017
250mm 24kg D1-6 011-009
250mm 24kg D1-5 011-010
320mm 41kg D1-6 011-011
320mm 41kg D1-8 011-012
400mm 65kg D1-8 011-013
500mm 120kg D1-8 011-014
630mm 198kg D1-11 011-020

All 4 Jaw Chucks are made from cast iron with a fully ground finish. Each chuck is supplied with one set reversible jaws and chuck key.

These Chucks are suitable for use on universal lathes and internal and external grinding machines etc. for clamping workpieces to perform various cutting operations.

The jaws for clamping are constructed from cast iron and have been subjected to hardening treatment to ensure high wear and shock resistance. They are retentive of accuracy and durable in service.

Each chuck comes with a technical accuracy test certification and instructions for use.

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