Built to handle cylindrical stock to 8” diameter and rectangular materials to 7” x 12”, this mobile unit comes with built-in coolant system and hydraulic down feed.

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• Hydraulic Feed

• Automatic Shut-off 

• Coolant System

• Quick Setting Vice 

• Cast Iron Base

• Mobile Stand 

Capacity Round Bar 8”/200mm
Capacity Rectangle Bar 175 x 300mm
Blade Size 3/4”/93”
Motor 0.56kw(0.75hp)
Power Supply 240volt or 415volt
Dimensions 965 x 432 x 1229mm
Net Weight 180kg
Speeds (4) 81×270 FPM
Stock Code – 240volt BAN-SAW-812-240v
Stock Code – 415volt BAN-SAW-812-415v


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