• Superior Labour Quality

• Linear Guide Columns

• Automatic Material Feeding on Linear Guides

• 500mm Material Feeding at Once (Optional: 1000mm)

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• Hydraulic Blade Tensioning

• Hydraulic Material Clamping

• Material Feeding with Ball-Screw

• Main Vice that Holds the Cut Material

• Hardened and Changeable Middle Body Surface, Composed of Three Pieces

• Steel Material Clamping Vices

• Tilt touch of the Blade to the Material

• Blade Breakage Switch

• Variable Blade Speed

• Speed Adjustment Valve that is Not Affected by Heat-Pressure Changes

• Good Quality Electrical Components

• Adjustable Top-Limit Switch

• Adjustable Moving Jaw Switches

• Length Measuring by NC, without Length-Stop Apparatus

• Touch-Screen Control Panel

• Programming 10 Different Lengths at Once for Cutting 

• Electronic Variable Blade Speed Control at the touch-Panel Screen

• Failure Observation on the Screen

• Thermic-Protected Electric Motors

• Phase Protection Relay

• Control Panel Switch and Blade Cover Switches for Safety

• Manual and Automatic Operation Choices

• Automatic Stop After Cut Material Finishes

• Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

• 1 M Roller Table

• Easy Hydraulic System Control by Manometers

• Three Bearings for Blade Guiding

• One Bearing for Blade Edge

• Adjustable Carbide Blade Guides

• Chip Brush and Chip Conveyor

• Hydraulic Top Clamping (Optional)

• Blade Guide that Moves with Vice

• Easily Cleanable Mobile Cooling Liquid Store

• Standard Spare Parts and Modular System

Cutting Capacity 550x550mm at 90º
Blade Dimensions 41×1.3x6780mm
Blade Motor 4Kw (5.4hp)
Hydraulic Motor 3kw (4hp) 
Cooling Motor 0.12kw (0.16hp) 
Chip Conveyor Motor 0.18kw (0.24hp)
Chip Brush Motor  0.9kw (1.2hp)
Maximum Power 5.22kw (7hp) 
Cutting Speed 20-100m/min
Weight 4380kg
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