Brierley TGM500 PCD / PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

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Model TGM500
Tip Radius 0-80mm
Spindle Speed 2850rpm 50hz
Grinding Wheel Size 150x40x40mm
Grinding Pressure Regulator 0-450 N
Grinding Wheel Oscillation Frequency 0-45/min (infinitely variable)
Grinding Wheel Oscillation Stroke 0~70mm (infinitely variable)
Grinding Wheel Height Adjustment 130mm
Grinding Wheel Stroke Range 500mm (infinitely variable)
Grinding Wheel inclindtion 0°-27°
Cross Table Swiveling Angle 270°
Cross Table Clamping Surface 210x160mm – 4 T slots
Worktable Infeed Handwheel Division 0.001mm / 1 division
Ginding Wheel Motor Power 2.2kw
Dimension 1830x2190x1920mm
Net Weight 2160 KGS


• One-Piece Cast Iron Base Provides Extra Rigidity and Minimises Vibration.
• Infeed Slide and Grinding Head Slide Use Schneeberger Type N and O Heavy Duty & Precision Linear Ways for Accuracy and Long Life.
• Heavy Duty Cross Table Pivots with Two Pairs of Precision Angular Contact Bearing.
• Cross Table Pivots Up To 270 Degrees with Two Adjustable Positioning Stops and Quickly Locks in Any Position Under Pneumatic Control.
• Grinding the Primary Cutting Edge Tip Radius and Secondary Cutting Edge without Set Up Changes.
• The Oscillation is Adjustable in Position, Stroke and Frequency.
• Video Optical System, with A 15X-120X(Zoom) Magnification Range and A 17” Lcd Monitor, Allows For Measurement and inspection of Radii
From 0.025Mm To 9.5Mm.
• Optical System Moves by Precision Slide Table with Digital Linear Scale For Easy Setup and for Measuring After Grinding.

• Machine Light
• Coolant System
Quick Clamping Fixture
• Tool Stand (4pcs)
• Optical Linear Scale with DRO
• TV Camera with 15” LCD Monitor, Monitor Scope with Zoom System
• Splash Protection Shield with Magnetic Stand
• Cross table Locking Device, Pneumatic Control

• High Performace Swiveling Angle Reader (0.05° increment)
• Grinding Wheel Spindle with Variable Speed (1000-4000rpm)
• Large Capacity Coolant Tank
• Round Tool Grinding Attachment
• Dividing Attachment
• Wheel Dresser
• Universal Worktable
• 250mm Projector 20 Magnification
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