A range of large capacity flat bed CNC lathes ideal for machining sizeable products with a large swing for big workpieces.

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Model DC1200 DC1400 DC1600
Swing over Bed 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm
Swing over Saddle 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Width of Bed 800mm 800mm 800mm
Distance between Centers 2000-12000mm 2000-12000mm 2000-12000mm
No.of Spindle Speed 4steps 4steps 4steps
Spindle Bore Dia. 155-535mm 155-535mm 155-535mm
Spindle Nose A2-11 A2-15 A2-28
Spinde Speeds 6-700rpm 4-500rpm 2-300rpm
Max.X-axis Travel 800mm 800mm 800mm
X-axis Rapid Travel 5000mm/min 5000mm/min 5000mm/min
Z-axis Rapid Travel 5000mm/min 5000mm/min 5000mm/min
Cutting Feed Rate 0.001-500mm/min 0.001-500mm/min 0.001-500mm/min
X-axis Ball Screw 50mm 50mm 50mm
Z-axis Ball Screw 80/100mm 80/100mm 80/100mm
Turret Style H-4/H-8/V-8/V-12 H-4/H-8/V-8/V-12 H-4/H-8/V-8/V-12
Cutting Tool Size 32×32/50x50mm 32×32/50x50mm 32×32/50x50mm
Boring Bar Dia. 50/60mm 50/60mm 50/60mm
Tailstock Quill Dia. 200mm 200mm 200mm
Tailstock Quill Travel 300mm 300mm 300mm
Tailstock Quill Taper Metric 80 Metric 80 Metric 80
Type of Tailstock Travel Manual/Hydraulic Manual/Hydraulic Manual/Hydraulic
Type of Quill Stable/Rotation Stable/Rotation Stable/Rotation
Spindle Motor 30/37kw(40.2/49.58hp) 30/37kw(40.2/49.58hp) 30/37kw(40.2/49.58hp)
X-axis Servo Motor 4kw(5.36hp) 4kw(5.36hp) 4kw(5.36hp)
Z-axis Servo Motor 4kw(5.36hp) 4kw(5.36hp) 4kw(5.36hp)
Hydraulic Pump 1.5kw(2.01hp) 1.5kw(2.01hp) 1.5kw(2.01hp)
Coolant Pump 1kw(1.34hp) 1kw(1.34hp) 1kw(1.34hp)
Lubrication Pump 0.02kw(0.026hp) 0.02kw(0.026hp) 0.02kw(0.026hp)


• Siemens/Fanuc Controller

• Electron Hand Wheel-MPG

• Auto Lubrication System

• Air Conditioner for Electric Box

• Spindle Oil Cooler

• Spindle Servo Motor

• X-axis Servo Motor

• Z-axis Servo Motor

• Spindle Automatic Gear Shift

• Spindle Jog Button

• Slide Surface Fine Scraping

• Integrated Hydraulic Unit

• Splash Safety Guard

• Tailstock

• Work Light

• Chain Type Chip Conveyer

• Coolant System

• Tailstock Interference Protection

• Alarm Lamp

• Operation Manual

• Toolbox



• Double Chuck

• Double Chuck System

• Special Oil Pipe T2 Chuck

• Pneumatic Automatic Chuck

• Hydraulic Auto Power Chuck

• Hydraulic H-4 Turret

• Hydraulic Tailstock

• Follow Rest 

• Steady Rest

• Milling Attachment

• Boring Attachment 

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