The Chester Charger LB allows larger work through the headstock. The lathes are powered by a high torque motor.

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Model  Charger LB 660 Charger LB 760 Charger LB 840
Swing over Bed 660mm 760mm 840mm
Swing over Saddle 450mm 550mm 630mm
Swing over Gap 880mm 980mm 1060mm
Width of Bed 460mm 460mm 460mm
Distance between Centers 1500-5000mm 1500-5000mm 1500-5000mm
No.of Spindle Speed 12steps 12steps 12steps
Spindle Bore Dia. 104mm 155mm 230mm
Spindle Nose A2-11 A2-11 A2-15
Spinde Speeds 15-1000rpm 13-800rpm 1–600rpm
Cross Travel(X-axis) 380mm 430mm 430mm
Compound Rest Travel 230mm 230mm 230mm
Cutting Tool Size 25x25mm 25x25mm 25x25mm
Tailstock Quill Dia. 80mm 95mm 95mm
Tailstock Quill Travel 220mm 220mm 220mm
Tailstock Quill Taper MT-5 MT-5 MT-5
Feed Bar Dia. 32mm 32mm 32mm
Cross Feeds 0.025-0.35mm/rev,36kinds 0.025-0.35mm/rev,36kinds 0.025-0.35mm/rev,36kinds
Longitudinal Feeds 0.05-0.7mm/rev,36kinds 0.05-0.7mm/rev,36kinds 0.05-0.7mm/rev,36kinds
Leadscrew Dia. 45mmx2T.P.I 45mmx2T.P.I 45mmx2T.P.I
Threading Range(Metric) 0.8-14mm/pitch,65kinds 0.8-14mm/pitch,65kinds 0.8-14mm/pitch,65kinds
Threading Range(Inch) 2-28T.P.I,36kinds 2-28T.P.I,36kinds 2-28T.P.I,36kinds
Module Pitch Threads 0.5-7M.P,22kinds 0.5-7M.P,22kinds 0.5-7M.P,22kinds
Diametric Pitch Threads 4-56D.P,36kinds 4-56D.P,36kinds 4-56D.P,36kinds
Main Motor 11/15kw(15-20hp) 11/15kw(15-20hp) 11/15kw(15-20hp)
Rapid Motor 0.18kw(1/4hp) 0.18kw(1/4hp) 0.18kw(1/4hp)
Coolant Pump 0.09kw(1/8hp) 0.09kw(1/8hp) 0.09kw(1/8hp)


• 3 Jaw Chuck

• Chuck Guard

• Rear Splash Guard

• Lubrication Device for Headstock

• Electromagnetic Brake

• X, Z-Axes Rapid Traverse

• Tailstock Two Steps Device 

• Bed Guide Way Lubrication System

• Tailstock Center;  Mt-5 X 2

• Bed Guide Way With Turcite-B 

• Guide Way Hardened, Precision      Ground

• Coolant System

• Bed Guide Way Fixed With Wiper

• Work Light 

• Movable Rear Splash Guard

• Lead Screw With Elastic Guard

• 4-Way Tool Post (32mmx32mm) &      Wrench

• Longitudinal Auto-Stop Device

• Leveling Bolts & Pads

• Tool Box & Service Tools

• Operation & Maintenance Manual


• Threading Auto-cycle Device

• Double Chuck System

• Long-jaw T2 Chuck

• 4-jaw Independent Chuck

• Chuck for Tailstock

• Taper Turning Attachment

• Quick Change Tool Post

• Hydraulic Copy Device

• Digital Readout

• Boring Device

• Z1-axis Motorization

• Toolpost Guard

• Rear Chuck Guard

• Steady Rest

• Follow Rest


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