A very heavy duty machine with a big-bore spindle. The Chester Charger OC range are built to handle tough machining requirements.

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model 26 30 33 42 46 55 63
Centre Height  335mm 385mm 420mm 530mm 585mm 700mm 800mm
Swing over Bed  670mm 770mm 840mm 1060mm 1170mm 1400mm 1600mm
Distance Between Centres 2000-5000mm 2000-9000mm 2000-12000mm
Swing over Carriage  460mm 560mm 630mm 750mm 860mm 1030mm 1230mm
Swing over Cross Slide  460mm 560mm 630mm 750mm 860mm 1030mm 1230mm
Swing in Gap  890mm 990mm 1060mm 1610mm 1720mm 1950mm 2150mm
Gap Length in Front of Face Plate 355mm 336mm 333mm 498mm 473mm 474mm 475mm 490mm
Cross Slide Travel  385mm 435mm 540mm 760mm
Top Slide Travel  230mm 300mm 340mm
Width 460mm 560mm 800mm
Spindle Nose A2-11 A2-15 A2-11 A2-15 A2-20 A2-28
Spindle Bore  104mm 156mm 230mm 156mm 230mm 310mm 360mm 410mm 535mm
Taper Reduction in Sleeve MT5 MT6 MT5 MT6 No Sleeve
Number of Spindle Speed Ranges 15-1000rpm 13-800rpm 10-600rpm 9-600rpm 6-400rpm 5-300rpm 3-200rpm
Range of Spindle Speeds  12
Quill Diameter  95 140 200
Quill Travel  230 300
Quill Internal Taper MT5 MT6 MT7
Feeds Range and Gearbox
Longitudinal Feeds  0.05-0.7(36kinds) 0.13-1.92(48kinds)
Cross Feeds  0.025-0.35(36kinds) 0.065-0.96(48kinds)
Metric Threads  0.8-14mm/Pitch(65kinds) 2-30mm/Pitch(44kinds)
Imperial Threads  2-28TPI(36kinds) 1-15 TPI(42kinds)
Module Threads 0.5-7M.P.(22kinds) 1-15 M.P.(32kinds)
Diametrical Threads  4-56D.P.(36kinds) 2-30D.P.(48kinds)
Pitch of Leadscrew  2TPI
Main Motor  15kw(20hp) 19kw(25hp) 22kw(30hp) 30kw(40hp)
Coolant Pump Motor  0.10kw(0.13hp) 0.19kw(0.25hp)
Weight And Dimensions
Floor Space 5000x1450x3000mm 5000x1550x3000mm 5800x1700x3000mm 5800x1800x3000mm 6100x2000x3000mm
Net Weight 5400kg 5800kg 6200kg 10000kg 10400kg 11000kg 11200kg 16000kg 17000kg


• Double Chuck 

• Lubrication Device for Headstock

• Electromagnetic Brake

• Metre / Inch Community Gear Box

• X, Z-Axis Rapid Traverse Motor

• Tail stock Two Steps Device ( 1:4 )

• X, Z-Axis Auto Lubrication System

• Tail stock Centre;  MT6 x 2

• X, Z-Axis Guide Way With Turcite-B 

• Guide Way Hardened, Precision Ground

• Coolant System Device (1/4 Hp Pump)

• Bed Guide Way Fixed with Wiper

• Work Lamp 

• Left Lead Screw with Elastic Guard

• 4 – Way Tool Post (40X40 mm) & Wrench

• Longitudinal Auto-Stop Device

• Levelling Bolts & Pads

• Tool Box & Service Tools

• Operation & Maintenance Manual

• Chuck Guard, Tool Post Guard


• Automatic Cycle Threading Device

• Taper Attachment ( 500 mm ; ±10° )

• Digital Read Out

• Steady Rest ( Ø380 ~ 150Mm; Bearing Type )

• Steady Rest ( Ø550 ~ 300Mm; Bearing Type )

• Improved Coolant Water Collection Tank & Wider Base

• Full Length Removable Rear Splash Guard (Wheel Type)


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