Powerful High Precision 5 Axis Machining with Superior Performance.

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• High performance control system

• High speed contour control

• Optimal surface precision

• Short machining time

• Accurate

• Driven by a highly dynamic 5 Axis

• Capable of machining complicated pieces

Technical Specifications 800-5AX Chester 800T-5AX (with Turning Function) 800B-5AX
X-Axis Travel 800mm 800mm 760mm
Y-Axis Travel 900+330mm 900+330mm 900+330mm
Z-Axis Travel 620mm 620mm 620mm
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface 100-720mm 50-670mm 75-695mm
Worktable Dimensions 800mm 800mm 800mm
Worktable Load 1000kg 1000/500(Milling/Turning) 1000kg
Feed System
Rapid Feed(X/Y/Z) 48/48/48m/min 48/48/48m/min 48/48/48m/min
Cutting Feed(X/Y/Z) 0.001-20m/min 0.001-20m/min 0.001-20m/min
Spindle Motor 22kw(29.92hp) 30kw(40.8hp) 27kw(36.72hp)
X/Y/Z Motor Power 4.4/3.77/8.17kw(5.98/5.13/11.11hp) 4.4/3.77/8.17kw(5.98/5.13/11.11hp) 4.4/3.77/8.17kw(5.98/5.13/11.11hp)
B/C Axes Motor 22.2/11.1kw(30.19/15.1hp) 22.2/74.3kw(30.19/101.5hp)
Accuracy Standards VDI3441 ISO 10791-4

ISO 230-2

J1S B6338
Positioning Accuracy 0.008mm 0.008mm 0.003/300
Repeatability Accuracy 0.004mm 0.004mm ± 0.002
B/C axis 0.001 – Positioning 10”


B/C axis 0.001 – Repeatability 5”


Rotary Axis
A-Axis Rotation Angle ‘±120°degree ‘±120°degree ‘±120°degree
C-Axis Rotation Angle 360°degree 360°degree 360°degree
A-Axis Max.Speed 75rpm 75rpm 75rpm
C-Axis Max.Speed 100rpm 100rpm 100rpm
Spindle System
Spindle Transmission Type Direct Drive(standard)/Built-in(0P)/Two Stage Gearbox Direct Drive(standard)/Built-in(0P)/Two Stage Gearbox Direct Drive(standard)/Built-in(0P)/Two Stage Gearbox
Spindle Speed(max.) 12000rpm 18000rpm 8000rpm
Max.Torque 240Nm 87.9/123.8Nm 700Nm
Tool Handle Spec. #40/HSK A63 #40/HSK 63T #50/HSK A100
ATC System
Magazine Capacity 32T(Standard) 32T(Standard) 24T(Standard)
Tool Change Method DRUM DRUM DRUM
Max.Tool Dis./with Adjacent Tool 75/125mm 75/125mm 125/125mm
Max.Tool Length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Max.Tool Weight 7kg 7kg 7kg
Control System
Controller Siemens 840D Siemens 840D Siemens 840D
Chip Conveyor Chain Type Chain Type Chain Type
Machine Occupancy(LxWxH) 4528x2240x3605mm 4528x2240x3605mm 4528x2240x3605mm
Machine Weight 21000kg 21000kg 21000kg



• Siemens 840Dsl (5-Axis/5-Interactive)

• Spindle Oil Cooler

• Spindle Motor Cooling System

• Coolant Through Spindle (Chester 800T-5AX )

• ZF Gearbox(Chester 800T-5AX )

• Spindle Programmable Air Blow System

• Circle Injection System (Chester 800-5AX, Chester 800B-5AX )

• Chain-type Chip Conveyor

• Chip Collector

• Water Gun

• Air Gun

• Manual Top Cover (1200-5AX has programmable top cover)

• Full Enclosure

• Large Worktable

• Front Door/Safety Switch/ATC Backdoor


• 3-Axis Roller Type Linear Guideways

• 3 Axes Linear Scales (Heidenhain)

• A Axes Linear Scales (Heidenhain)

• C Axes Linear Scales (Heidenhain)

• Z-Axis Motor System with Brake

• Worklight(LED)

• Alarm Light(LED)

• M30 Automatic Shutdown System

• Air Conditioner

• Air Condition Software for TNC-640 )



• Spindle Speed-15000rpm (Chester 800-5AX,Chester 800T-5AX )

• Coolant Through Spindle (Chester 800-5AX, Chester 800B-5AX)

• ZF Gearbox (1200-5AX )

• Worktable Washing System

• Oil Path Tool Handle Stopper

• Coolant Cooling System

• Programmable Top Cover (Standard for 1200-5AX)

• Laser Tool Length Measuring

• Wireless Workpiece Measuring

• Worktable Clamp Air Hydrualic Source

• Increased Tool Magazine Capactiy

• Heidenhain TNC-640 (5-Axis/5-Interactive)

• Centering Calibration Function

• Oil Demister System

• Rotary Window

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