The Chester D Series are versatile Drilling Machines and are available in a number of options for workshop and vocational applications.

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Drill  D13 D13R  D16  D19 D20 D32
Drilling Capacity (Mild Steel) 13mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 19mm 32mm
Drilling Capacity (Cast Iron) 13mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 19mm 32mm
Tapping Capacity (Mild Steel) B16 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT4
Tapping Capacity (Cast Iron) B16 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT4
Spindle Taper B16 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT2 MT4
Distance from Spindle to Column 105mm 127mm 165mm 178mm 178mm 254mm
Distance from Spindle to Table(min/max) 30-200mm 80-420mm 110-450mm 140-450mm 150-820mm 190-680mm
Distance from Spindle to Base(min/max) 280mm 540mm 650mm 610mm 1240mm 1200mm
Rotation of Table along with column 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Tilting Angle  of Table 45°-45° 45°-45° 45°-45° 45°-45° 45°-45° 45°-45°
Vertical Travel of Table 170mm 340mm 340mm 310mm 670mm 490mm
Table Size  165x160mm 198x192mm 310mm dia 290x290mm 290x290mm 475x425mm
Number and size of T slots on Table 2/15X117mm 2/15X117mm 6/16X66mm 4/16.5X83.5mm 4/16.5X83.5mm 3/16X350mm
Distance between T Slots 112mm 112mm 60° 90° 90° 110mm
Maximum Spindle Traverse(hand/power) 50mm 60mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 120mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 5 5 12 12 12 12
Range of Spindle Speeds 600-2500rpm 460-2890rpm 210-2580rpm 120-2580rpm 120-2580rpm 150-2700rpm
Number of Feed Rates 1 1 1 1 1 1 or 3
Power Feed Rates  50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz
Base Size Overall  310X200mm 345X215mm 250x420mm 460X275mm 460X275mm 580X450mm
Base Working Surface 180X140mm 160X180mm 190X220mm 200X225mm 200X225mm 410X330mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Base 2/15X84mm 2/15X103mm 2/15X170mm 2/15X155mm 2/15X155mm 2/16X330mm
Distance between T Slots 112mm 114mm 114mm 134mm 134mm 246mm
Column Diameter 46mm 60mm 70mm 80mm 70mm 92mm
Main Motor Power  0.25kw(0.34hp) 0.37kw(0.5hp) 0.55kw(0.74hp) 0.65kw(0.87hp) 0.65kw(0.87hp) 1.5kw(2.01hp)
Overall Height  575mm 840mm 990mm 980mm 1630mm 1710
Net Weight  19kg 29kg 57kg 71kg 61kg 137kg
Machine Dimensions 310x200x575mm 345x215x840mm 250x420x990mm 460x275x980mm 460x275x1630mm 580x450x1710mm

Standard Accessories

• Drill Chuck

• Drill Chuck Guard

• Manual & Parts List 

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