The Chester twin pallet horizontal machining centres deliver productivity and performance, the key to this is to reduce the non-machining time to enhance the cutting efficiencies. The range is divided into High Speed and High Performance CNC machines.

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This High Speed machine has a 10,000 RPM spindle with fast acceleration/deceleration along with the fast changing twin pallets with a standard 60 tool automatic tool changer.

The High Performance machines have a BT50 spindle taper with 6000 RPM, this also has the fast changing twin pallets with a 40 automatic tool changer.

Technical Specifications                                                                                  H-500LA                  
Travel,X/Y/Z 700/650/650m
Spindle Center to Pallet Face 50-70mm
Spindle Nose to Pallet Face 150-800mm
Pallet Size 500x500mm
Maximum Workpiece φ700mm
Maximum Pallet Load 500kg
Maximum Workpiece Height 800mm
Pallet Surface Configuration 24-M16 Pitch 100
Pallet Indexing
Spindle Max.Speed 10000rpm
Low/Hight Gear Variation 6000rpm
Spindle Max.Torque(Standard) 120N-m
Spindle Taper 7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle Bearing ld 70mm
Spindle Transmission Direct Couple
Feed Rate
Max. X/Y/Z Rapid Speed 36000mm/min
Cutting Feed Rate 1-10000mm/min
Job Feed Rate 1260mm/min
Automatic Tool Change (ATC)
Type of Tool Shank ISO40 or BBT-40
Tool Capacity 60 pc
Max.Tool Diameter(without Adjacent Tool) 80mm(160mm)
Max.Tool Length  380mm
Max.Tool Weight 8kg
ATC Changing Time(T to T) 5sec
Tool Selection Method Fixed Address
Automatic Pallet Changer (APC)
Number of Pallets 2
Pallet Changing Type Rotary Type
Time for APC 0iMF
Controller System
FANUC  18i
Spindle Motor,Power 15/18.5kw(20.1/24.79hp)
Spindle Motor 120Nm
X/Y/Z/B Axis Motor 7/7/4/1.6kw(9.38/9.38/5.36/2.14hp)
Motor,Hydraulic System 2.2kw(2.95hp)
Motor,Coolant Pump System 1.6kw(2.14hp)
Power Supply
Power Requirement 42kva
Capacity of Oil/Coolant Tank
Capacity,Hydraulic System 60L
Capacity,Lubrication System 4L
Capacity,Coolant System 760L
Mechnical Specifications
Machine Dimensions 5000x3200x2980mm
Weight 15000kg



• Spindle Rpm 10000rpm

• Spindle Oil Cooling System

• Spindle Air Seal System

• Spindle Direct Transmission

• 3-Axis Roller Linear Rail

• 3-Axis Hollow Ballscrew Cooling System

• Pallet 1 ˚division

• Pallet M16 Fixing Holes

• Splash Ring

• Track Type Chip Conveyer System

• Chip Cart

• Indoor Chip Auger

• Mechanical Oil-coolant Separator

• Overhead Chip  Wash-down System

• Dis-type Coolant Separator

• Front Door / Side Door Safety Switch

• Tool Storage Capacity 60T

• Tool Specification BBT

• Tool Specification NO.40

• M30 Automatic Power-off System

• Working Light

• Warm Light

• Electrical Cabin Heat Exchange System

• Fanuc 0iMD



• 3-Axis Linear Scale System

• 4-Axis Encoder

• Pallet 0.001” Division

• Pallet T-slot

• Spindle Air Blow System

• Coolant Through Spindle

• CE Safety Specifications

• Tool Length Measuring System NC-4S

• Workpiece Measuring System RMP-60

• Tool Breakage Detection(Magazine)

• Tool Specification CAT

• Electrical Cabin Air-condition System

• Fanuc 31i

• Oil Mist Collector Unit

• Rotary Window

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