The Ultimate Integrated Production Machine combining multiple demands.

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• Integrated production centre

• Smart & integrated design

• Superb cost performance ratio

• One process loading

• Multi-face machining

• Intensive & Composite machining

• High precision & High efficiency

Technical Specifications TM500
Max. swing dia. 530mm
Max. Machining Diameter 500mm
Max. Machining Length 500mm
Max. Bar Diameter 65mm
X-Axis Travel 560mm
Y-Axis Travel ±125mm
Z1-Axis Travel 560+93mm
B-Axis Rotating Angle ‘-20˚~200˚degree
C-Axis Rotating Angle 360˚degree
X-Axis Rapid Feedrate 36m/min
Y-Axis Rapid Feedrate 36m/min
Z1-Axis Rapid Feedrate 36m/min
W Axis Travel 910mm
B-Axis Max. RPM 25rpm
C-Axis Max. RPM 250rpm
Turning Spindle
Chuck Dimensions S1 8”
Chuck Nose Type S1 A2-6
Hole Diameter S1 75mm
Spindle Max. RPM S1 4500rpm
Motor Output Power S1 15/22kw(20.4/29.92hp)
Milling Spindle
Spindle Max. RPM 12000rpm
Motor Output Power 11/22kw(14.96/29.92hp)
B-Axis Min Indexing Angle ‘0.001˚degree
Tool Change
Tool Indexing Angle/Position 90˚/4 positions
Tool Type HSK-63T
Tool Magazine Capacity 36 one of a pair
Max. Tool Diameter (no adjacent tool) Ø90mm(120mm)
Max. Tool Length 250mm
Max. Tool Weight 8kg
Machine Dimensions
Machine Height 2715mm
Occupancy(Without Chip Conveyor) 4007x2838mm
Machine Weight 11000kg
Energy Requirement
Power Capacity 42KVA
Compressed Air Requirement 6KG/cm²



• SIEMENS 840D (5 axes simultaneous)

• 1st Turning Spindle Max. Speed 4500RPM

• 2nd Turning Spindle Max. Speed 4500RPM

• Milling Spindle Max. Speed 12000RPM

• Chuck 8”

• X/Y/Z Axis Guideway Hollow Cooling

• C-Axis Encoder

• Spindle Oil Cooling System

• High-Pressure Coolant System (18Bar)

• Chip Collection Cart

• Storage Number 36T for Tool Magazine System

• HSK 63T for Tool Specifications



• FANUC 31i-B (4+1)

• FANUC 31i-B5 (5 Axes Simultaneous)

• Milling Spindle Max. Speed 18000RPM

• Chuck 10”

• Sleeve Chuck(Ø60)

• X/Y/Z Axis Qptical Linear Scale

• B-Axis Optical Linear Scale

• Turning / Milling Tool Measuring System (BLUM)

• Workpiece Measuring System

• Oil Mist Collector Device

• High-Pressure Coolant System (70Bar)

• Rod Automatic Feeder

• Workpiece Arrestor

• Automatic Front Door

• Storage Number 72T for Tool Magazine System

• CAPTO C6 for Tool Specifications

• Tooth Milling Function

• CE Specification

• Dual-link Pedal Switch

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