• Six Guide Rail Sliders for Longevity

• Central Lubrication

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Model TP250-C TP600-C TP1100-C TP1600-C TP2000-C TP3150-C TP4000-C TP5000-C
Nominal Capacity 25t 60t 110t 160t 200t 315t 400t 500t
Nominal Power Stroke 2.8mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 8mm
Slide Stroke 80mm 120mm 160mm 180mm 200mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Stroke Number Variable Speed 70-100spm 50-80spm 35-70spm 30-55spm 25-50spm 25-40spm 25-35spm 20-30spm
Maximum Die Height 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 500mm 550mm
Die Height Adjustment 50mm 70mm 90mm 100mm 110mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Throat Depth 210mm 270mm 350mm 390mm 430mm 420mm 420mm 420mm
Distance Between Columns 450mm 560mm 680mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 1000mm 1220mm
Bottom Size of Slide 360x250mm 480x400mm 620x520mm 700x580mm 880x650mm 950x700mm 950x700mm 1000x720mm
Hole For Punch Shank (dia x depth) 40x60mm 50x60mm 70x80mm 70x100mm 70x100mm 70x100mm 70x100mm 70x100mm
Size of Table 710x400x85mm 870x520x130mm 1100x680x160mm 1260x760x165mm 1400x840x200mm 1650x820x200mm 1800x820x200mm 1820x810x240mm
Size of Opening In Table 100mm 150mm 160mm 180mm 200mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Motor Power of Step less Speed Regulation 3kw (4hp) 7.5kw (10hp) 11kw (15hp) 15kw (20hp) 22kw (30hp 37kw (50hp) 37kw (50hp) 55kw (75hp)
Overall Dimensions 950x1350x2160mm 1200x1615x2570mm 1419x2200x3190mm 1573x2355x3375mm 1630x2690x3810mm 1900x3350x4100mm 2150x3450x4450mm 2250x3900x5255mm
Total Weight 3100kg 6000kg 11000kg 14200kg 21000kg 30000kg 36000kg 53000kg


• Light Guard

• Toolbox 

• Operation Manual and Parts List 



• Air Cushion

• Quick Die Changing Attachment

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