Detron Precision Rotary Tables GXA-170S

• Backlash reduction sidemount motor version
• Dual lead worm for easy adjustment and improved accuracy
• Detron designed dual piston braking system for greater force

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Specification Value
Worktable diameter 170
Center bore diameter 40H7
Height of table (Horizontal) 175
Centre height 135
Width of T-slot 12H7
Width of guide block 14
Clamping method/pressure Pneumatic 5~7 bar
Clamping torque 300
Transmission ratio 1/60
Max. table speed 53.3
Allowable loading inertia (W.D28) 0.72
Resolution 0.001
Indexing accuracy 20
Repeatability 6
Net weight (servo motor excluded) 52
Allowable loading capacity (Vertical) 100
Allowable loading capacity (Horizontal) 200
Allowable loading capacity (Tailstock Applied) 200
Allowable load (when table clamped): F 14000
Allowable load (when table clamped): FXL 1020
Allowable load (when table clamped): FXL (diagonally) 300
Allowable cutting torque 200


Additional Specification Value
Standard loading inertia 0.72
Maximum loading inertia 3
Allowable max. rotary joint quantity 4
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