Digital Calipers




All digital calipers have a resolution of 0.05mm

Model Stock Code Weight
0-75mm/3” 082-110 186g
0-100mm/4” 082-100A 186g
0-150mm/6” 082-101 294g
0-200mm/8” 082-102 422g
0-300mm/12” 082-108 685g
0-500mm/20” 082-103 1885g
0-1000mm/40” 082-104 4535g

Additional information

Weight N/A

0-75mm/3", 0-100mm/4", 0-150mm/6", 0-200mm/8", 0-300mm/12", 0-500mm/20", 0-1000mm/40"

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