D.C. Injection Brake.

T Slotted Box Table.

Coolant System.

Ground and Hardened Guideways.

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• Low-Volt Work Light

• Arm Elevation via Screw and Motor

Drilling Mild Steel  32mm
Drilling Cast Iron  40mm
Tapping Mild Steel  M16
Tapping Cast Iron  M20
Spindle Taper MT4
Distance from Spindle to Column(min/max) 300-1000mm
Distance from Spindle to Base(min/max) 250-1000mm
Rotation Arm around Column + – 180 deg
Vertical Travel of Arm 470mm
Size of Box Table 500x400x400mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Table 5/18mm
Distance between T Slots 150mm
Maximum Spindle Traverse(hand/power) 280mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 16
Range of Spindle Speeds 32-2500rpm
Number of Feed Rates 8
Range of Power Feed Rates 0.1-1.25mm/r
Base Size Overall  1760x800mm
Base Working Surface 1100X645mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Base 3/22mm
Distance between T Slots 200mm
Column Diameter 240mm
Main Motor Power  2.2kw(2.95hp)
Coolant Pump Motor  0.09kw(0.12hp)
Table Elevation Motor 0.75kw(1hp)
Clamping/Hydraulic Motor Manual
Overall Height  2050mm
Footprint(LxW) 1760x800mm
Net Weight  1600kg


• Work Light

• Coolant System

• Box Work Table

• Fixing Bolts

• Reducing Sleeves

• D.C. Brake

• Manual and Parts List


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