Quick and easy feed and speed control featuring a comfortable control lever.

Powerful high torque motor as well as high pressure force and feed.

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Model GP40S GP50S GP63S GP80S
Drilling Capacity Mild Steel  40mm 40mm 50mm 63mm
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron  50mm 50mm 63mm 80mm
Tapping Capacity Mild Steel  M24 M24 M50 M50
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron  M27 M27 M56 M56
Spindle Taper MT4 MT5 MT5 MT6
Distance from Spindle to Column 335mm 335mm 375mm 375mm
Distance from Spindle to Table(min/max) 0-830mm 0/830mm 50/850mm 5/850mm
Vertical Travel of Drilling Head 200mm 200mm 250mm 250mm
Vertical Travel of Table Max.300mm Max.300mm Max.300mm Max.300mm
Table Size  560x480mm 560x480mm 775x830mm 775x830mm
Number and size of T slots on Table 3 , 32x30x18mm 3 , 32x30x18mm 3/38x37x22mm 3/38x37x22mm
Distance between T Slots 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Maximum Spindle Traverse(hand/power) 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 12 12 9 9
Range of Spindle Speeds 31.5-1400r/min 31.5-1400r/min 45-570r/min 45-570r/min
Number of Feed Rates 9 9 6 6
Power Feed Rates  0.056-1.80mm/rev 0.056-1.80mm/rev 0.11-0.78mm/rev 0.11-0.78mm/rev
Base Size Overall  1030x670x160mm 1030x670x160mm 1100x660mm 1100x660mm
Base Working Surface 510x495mm 510x495mm 600x580mm 600x580mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Base 2/32x30x18mm 2 , 32x30x18mm 2 , 45x45x22mm 2 , 45x45x22mm
Distance between T Slots 330mm 330mm 408mm 408mm
Column Diameter 435x460x1905mm 435x460x1905mm 525x500x2035mm 525x500x2035mm
Main Motor Power  3kw(4hp) 4kw(5.36hp) 5.5kw(7.37hp) 7.5kw(10.05hp)
Coolant Pump Motor  0.09kw(0.1hp) 0.09kw(0.1hp) 0.09kw(0.1hp) 0.09kw(0.1hp)
Overall Height  2535mm 2235mm 2550mm 2550mm
Footprint(LxW) 1030X670mm 1030x670mm 1100x660mm 1100x660mm
Net Weight  1190kg 1210kg 1960kg 1960kg


• Drill Chuck

• Taper Sleeve

• Arbor

• Drift

• Wrench



• Machine Vice

• Clamp Kit

• Taper Shank Drill Set


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