Pendant Control.

High precision Table and Spindle.

Newall DP700 Digital Readout.

Ergonomic Design.

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Model HB130 HB130/2
Spindle Diameter  130mm 130mm
Spindle Taper Metric 80(Optional ISO7:24No50 Metric 80(Optional ISO7:24No50
Max. Spindle Torque 3136N.m 3136N.m
Max. Spindle Thrust 31360N 31360N
Number of Spindle Speed  24 24
Range of Spindle Speed 4-800rpm 4-800rpm
Power of Main Motor  15kw 15kw
Facing Head
Max. Facing Head Torque  4900N.m 4900N.m
Facing Head Diameter  750mm 750mm
Range of Facing Head Speed  2.5-125mm 2.5-125mm
Number of Facing Head Speed  18 18
Table Working Surface (L×W) 1600x1400mm 1800x1600mm
Max. Permissible Load on Table 8000kg 10000kg
T-Slot 28mm 28mm
Number of T-Slot 9 9
Work Range
X-axis travel (cross) 1600mm 2000mm
Y-axis travel (vertical) 1400mm 1800mm
Z-axis travel w/o tailstock (longitudinal) 2000mm 2000mm
Z-axis travel with tailstock (longitudinal) 1500mm 1500mm
W-Axis Travel (Spindle Travel) 900mm 900mm
U-Axis Travel (Facing Slide Travel)  250mm 250mm
B-Axis Worktable Rotary 360 (4×90)mm 360 (4×90)mm
Distance between Spindle Axis and Table Surface  0-1400mm 0-1800mm
Feed Range Of Revolution
Rapid Travel (X/Y/Z/W)  2500mm 2500mm
Range of Axes Speed per Spindle Revolution (X/Y/Z/W)  0.05-8/0.01-2mm 0.05-8/0.01-2mm
Measurement System Reading Precision (X/Y/Z) 0.005 0.005
B-Axis Reading Precision(Optional) 0.001 0.001
Machine Dimensions(L×WxH)  6995x3647x3442mm 7030x4665x3800mm
Net Weight 24500kg 29300kg


• Face Plate

• DP700 DRO from Newall(UK) 

• Rear Column

• Concentrated Control Panel

• Lubrication System

• Tool Kits

• Foundation Books

• Manual Books



• Spindle Taper: ISO 7:24 #50

• Z-axis DRO

• B-axis DRO

• Angle Table 1000×630×800mm

• Changing Gears (Used for Thread-Cutting Tool Holder)

• Thread-Cutting Tool Holder for Spindle

• Toolholders for Facing Head

• Universal Boring Head (Metric #80 Or Iso 7:24 #50)

• Boring Tools (12Pcs)

• Reducing Sleeve(80#~7:24)

• Boring Tool Bars


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