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Model HHB200-CNC HHB260-CNC
Spindle Diameter  200mm 260mm
Milling Bar End Diameter  300mm 400mm 
Spindle Taper(7:24) ISO60 ISO60 
Tool Shank Type JT50/BT50 JT60/BT60 
Pullstud Type LD—50D/50T-I LD-60D/P60T-I
Spindle Speed Range 2-1250rpm 2-850rpm
Main Motor  Power 60/84 30min or  71kW 129kW
Milling Spindle Torque 12100 or  14500 Nm 27000 Nm 
Spindle Max. Torque 6000Nm 8000Nm
Axial Max. Torque of Boring Spindle 55000N 70000N
The Square Ram Cross-Sectional Area 480×580mm 600x725mm 
Column Slide Travel (X) 10000mm 12000mm
Spindle Box Max. Travel  (Y) 4000mm 5000mm
Ram Max. Travel  (Z) 1200mm 1800mm
Boring Bar Max. Travel  (W) 1200mm 1600mm
Ram+ Boring Axis (Z+W)  2400mm 3400mm 
Cutting Feed Speed Range- X 1-8000mm/min 1-6000mm/min
Cutting Feed Speed Range – Y 1-6000mm/min 1-6000mm/min
Cutting Feed Speed Range – Z,W 1-4000mm/min 1-4000mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed Range-  X 8000mm/min 10000mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed Range- Y 6000mm/min 8000mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed Range-  Z,W 4000mm/min 6000mm/min
ATC Capacity 60 60/80
Positioning Precision- X 0.025mm 0.025mm
Positioning Precision- Y 0.025mm 0.025mm
Positioning Precision- Z 0.03mm 0.025mm
Positioning Precision-W 0.03mm 0.025mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- X 0.02mm 0,015mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- Y 0.02mm 0,015mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- Z 0.025mm 0,015mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- W 0.025mm 0,015mm
Main Power Of Electricity 150 kVA 380 kVA
Size  16560×7455×8400mm 19806x10170x11126mm
Weight 128000 kg 230000kg


• Siemens 840D CNC System 


• Automatic Tool Changer

• CNC Rotary Table (3000x4000mm,

  4000x4000mm for TK6926)

• Vertical Milling Head

• Universal Milling Head

• Elongating Milling Head

• Facing Head 

• Chip Conveyor 

• Floot Plate 


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