The CHP series can be operated by hand as well as by foot: the hand pump is interchangeable to a foot pump. These hydraulic workshop presses have a movable cylinder on the CHP30 & 50 models and the height of the work table is easy to adjust.

The hand- and foot operated have an integrated manometer and a chrome piston (that returns automatically). Standard supplied with a set of V-blocks.

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• Hand- and foot operated

• Fixed cylinder CHP15 / Moveable cylinder CHP30 & CHP50

• The height of the worktable is easy to adjust –  the CHP50 features a winch

• Integrated pressure manometer

• Chromed piston

• Automatic piston return

• V-block set 

Model CHP15 CHP30 CHP50
Capacity  15T 30T 50T
Pressure force [kN) 147,15 294.3 490.5
Pressure max. [bar] 382,2 374.6 399.5
Cylinder stroke [mm] 160 160 160
System capacity [dm³] 1,65 1,65 2.5
Fixed cylinder yes n/a n/a
Moveable cylinder n/a yes yes
Working width [mm] 560 565 750
Inside diameter of cylinder [mm] 82 115 140
Diameter of piston rod [mm] 40 40 50
Diameter of piston head [mm]  50 50 60
Weight [kg] 117 165 340


Optional Accessories: 

• For CHP50  model – Optional Mandrel set of Ø 5, 10, 14, 18, 24 and 29 mm (with a suitable piston head)


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