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Model 410N 460N 560N 660N
Center Height 205mm 230mm 280mm 330mm
Swing Over Bed 410mm 460mm 560mm 660mm
Distance between Centers 1000/1500/2000mm 1000/1500/2000mm 1000/1500/2000/3000mm 1500/2000/3000mm
Swing over Cross Slide 220mm 270mm 355mm 440mm
Swing in Gap 640mm 690mm 785mm 900mm
Gap Length in Front of Face Plate 165mm 165mm 170mm 250mm
Cross Slide Travel 285mm 285mm 316mm 368mm
Top Slide Travel 125mm 125mm 130mm 230mm
Bed Width 300mm 300mm 350mm 400mm
Spindle Nose D1-6 D1-8 D1-8 D1-8
Spindle Bore 58mm 80mm 80mm 105mm
Taper Reduction in Sleeve D6-D4 D6-D4 D8-D5 113-D5
Number of Spindle Speed Ranges 12 12 12 12
Range of Spindle Speeds 25-2000r/min 25-2000r/min 25-2000r/min 25-1600r/min
Quill Diameter 60mm 60mm 75mm 75mm
Quill Travel 130mm 130mm 180mm 235mm
Quill Internal Taper No.4Morse No.4Morse No.5Morse No.5Morse
Longitudinal Feeds 42,0.031-1.7mm/rev 42,0.031-1.7mm/rev 32,0.059-1.646mm/rev 0.044-1.48mm/rev
Cross Feeds 42,0.014-0.784mm/rev 42,0.014-0.784mm/rev 42,0.020-0.573mm/rev 0.022-0.74mm/rev
Metric Threads 41,0.1-14mm 41,0.1-14mm 47,0.2-14mm 54,0.45-120mm
Imperial Threads 60,2-112T.P.I. 60,2-112T.P.I. 60,2-112T.P.I. 54,7/16-80T.P.I.
Module Threads 34,0.1-7MP 34,0.1-7MP 34,0.1-7MP 46,0.25-60MP
Diametrical Threads 50,4-112DP 50,4-112DP 50,4-112DP 42,7/8-160DP
Pitch of Leadscrew 6mm or 4T.P.I 6mm or 4T.P.I 6mm or 4T.P.I 12mm or 2T.P.I
Main Motor 5.5kw(7.48hp) 5.5kw(7.5hp) 7.5kw(10.2hp) 7.5kw(10.2hp)
Coolant Pump Motor 0.1kw(0.14hp) 0.1kw(0.14hp) 0.1kw(0.14hp) 0.1kw(0.14hp)
Floor Space 2200/2750/3250x1080x1340mm 2200/2750/3250x1080x1370mm 2390/2840/3340/4340x1150x1460mm 3210/3710/4710x1230x1600mm
Net Weight 1580/1745/1900kg 1645/1810/1965kg 2195/2285/2560/2930kg 3065/3345/3710kg

• 2-Axis Digital Readout

• 3-Jaw Chuck

• Lamp

• Face Plate

• Fixed steady

• Travelling Steady

• 4-Jaw Chuck

• Coolant System


• Taper Turning Attachment

• Tail stock Drill Chuck

• Face Plate

• Indexable Lathe Tools

• Live Centre


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