Vee Turning Boring & Facing Holder




A B C D Tool Bit Range Maximum Tool Size To Fit Tool post Stock Code Weight
11.8mm 17.70mm 25.40mm 38.10mm 4.76-12.7 12mm T-1 009-250-102 0.5 kg
12.7mm 15.88mm 27.78mm 44.45mm 6.3-15.9 16.5mm T-2 009-250-202 0.5 kg
15.88mm 19.05mm 38.89mm 53.98mm  12.7-19.05  19.5mm T-3 009-250-302 1.5 kg
19.05mm 25.40mm 43.66mm 63.50mm 12.7-25.4  26mm T-4 009-250-402 1.5 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Vee Turning Boring & Facer

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