• A Fully Automatic CNC HSS Saw blade Sharpening Machine

• CBN Diamond Grinding Wheel

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• Cooling System

• Automatic Cutting Angle Setting

• Grinding Wheel Speed Setting

• Three Axes Servo Control

• Oil Mist Filter

• Patented Splash Guard

Model SSM500 SSM620 SSM760
Saw Blade Diameter 35-500mm 35-620mm 35-760mm
Tooth Pitch Max. 24mm Max. 24mm Max. 24mm
Number of Teeth 10-998 10- 998 10- 998
Saw Blade Thickness Max. 10mm Max. 10mm Max. 10mm
Cutting Angle 0°-30° 0°-30° 0°-30°
Grinding Speed 1-60t/m 1-60t/m 1-60t/m
Grinding Wheel Diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm
Grinding Wheel Bore 32mm 32mm 32mm
Grinding Wheel Thickness 8mm 8mm 8mm
Grinding Wheel Motor 4kw (5.3hp) 4kw (5.3hp) 4kw (5.3hp)
Grinding Wheel Rotation Speed 2,500-6,000rpm 2,500-6,000rpm 2,500-6,000rpm
X-axis Motor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor
Z-axis Motor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor
B-axis Motor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor AC Servomotor
Coolant Pump Motor 1.5kw (2hp) 1.5kw (2hp) 1.5kw (2hp)
Oil Mist Recycle Device 0.8kw (1.1hp) 0.8kw (1.1hp) 0.8kw (1.1hp)
Magnetic Filter 0.025kw (0.033hp) 0.025kw (0.033hp) 0.025kw (0.033hp)
Power Required 7.5kw (10hp) 8.7kw 11.7hp) 8.7kw 11.7hp)
Weight 1100kg 1290kg 1440kg
Machine Dimensions 1760 x 1830 x 1980mm 1900x1910x2060mm 2000x2010x2160mm

• Saw Blade Clamp 130mm

• Saw Blade Clamp 180mm

• Saw Blade Clamp 210mm

• Saw Blade Clamp 260mm

• Saw Blade Clamp 310mm

• Saw Blade Adjusting Set 90mm

• Fully Enclosed Splash Guard

• Quartz Work Light

• High Pressure Coolant System

• Automatic Lubrication System

• Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet

• Tool Kit

• Oil Mist Collector

• Cutting Oil

• CBN Grinding Wheel 200×1.6x32mm

• CBN Grinding Wheel 200×2.0x32mm



• Extra Saw Blade Adjusting Sets

• Extra Saw Blade Clamps

• Extra CBN Grinding Wheels 

• Automatic Voltage Stabilizer A.V.R.

• Stainless Steel Splash Guard

• Diamond Dressing Bar

• Grinding Wheel Dresser

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