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Model  UD25 UD35
Drilling Capacity in Steel 25mm 35mm
Tapping Capacity in Steel M18 M25
Transmission EV EV
Potentiometer Command Yes Yes
Feed Manual Manual
Main Motor Power 2hp 2hp
Main Motor Speed 1000rpm 1000rpm
Spindle Cone MT3 MT3
Spindle Stroke 120mm 120mm
Distance Spindle Column 250mm 250mm
Distance Spindle Table 85-635mm 85-635mm
Distance Spindle Base 1195mm 1195mm
Column Diameter 100mm 100mm
Table Dimensions 270x300mm 270x300mm
Net Weight 270kg 280kg
Model  UCD50
Drilling Capacity in Steel 50mm
Tapping Capacity in Steel M45
Feed Automatic
Speed Range @ 1500Hz 24-1788rpm
Range of Feeds 0.08-0, 1600, 24-0.35
Main Motor Speed 1500rpm
Spindle Cone MT4
Spindle Stroke 260mm
Distance Spindle Column 400mm
Distance Spindle Table 70-820mm
Distance Spindle Base 1290mm
Column Diameter 200
Table Dimensions 550x550mm
Base Dimensions 600x1060mm
Net Weight 850kg
Drilling Capacity in Steel 25mm 32mm 32mm 35mm 40mm 45mm
Tapping Capacity in Steel M22 M25 M28 M30 M32 M35
Feed Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Speed Range @ 50Hz 65-3060rpm 65-3060rpm 75-2100rpm 75-2100rpm 93-1420rpm 93-1420rpm
Speed Range @ 60Hz 78-3672rpm 78-3672rpm 90-2520rpm 90-2520rpm 112-1704rpm 112-1704rpm
Range of Feeds 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2-0.3 0.1-0.2-0.3 0.1-0.18-0.24 0.1-0.18-0.24
Main Motor Speed 1500/3000rpm 1500/3000rpm 750/1500rpm 750/1500rpm 1500rpm 1500rpm
Spindle Cone MT3 MT3 MT4 MT4 MT4 MT4
Spindle Stroke 120mm 120mm 160mm 160mm 180mm 180mm
Distance Spindle Column 250mm 250mm 300mm 300mm 350mm 350mm
Distance Spindle Table 170-820mm 170-820mm 70-885mm 70-885mm 95-865mm 95-865mm
Distance Spindle Base 1220mm 1220mm 1245mm 1245mm 1220mm 1220mm
Column Diameter 100 100 125 125 150 150
Table Dimensions 270x300mm 270x300mm 400x420mm 400x420mm 480-480mm 480x480mm
Base Dimensions 665x400mm 665x400mm 492x655mm 492x655mm 480x755mm 480x755mm
Net Weight 250kg 260kg 250kg 292kg 317kg 435kg


• Front Wheel for Fine Feed

• Speed & Depth Digital Reading

• Automatic Tapping by Leadscrew

• Additional Leadscrews

• Rotating Table

• Fixed Table Width Vice

• Multispindle Headstock

• Column Supplement

• Automatic Drilling Feed

• Cooling for Each Spindle

• Cross Table with Fixed Support

• Bi Manual Command


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