Featuring an extra wide column to increase the connection surface with the crossbeam to avoid vibration during cutting. All axes are moved by a high quality precision gear box to ensure high torque and rigidity during movement (V3317 on all axes and V3025 / V4025 on X axis).

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  Roller type linear guideway, which offers super high rigidity and loading capacity 

  Hydraulic balancing system on Z axis 


MODEL V2317 V3317 V3025 V4025
Table Size 2300×1500mm 3300×1500mm 3000×2100mm 4000×2100mm
T Slot(width×numer×distance) 22×8×150mm 22×8×170mm 28×9×220mm 28×9×220mm
Max.Load 8000kg 10000kg 8000kg 10000kg
X/Y/Z Travel  2300/1600/800mm 3300/1600/800mm 3000/2500/1000mm 4000/2500/1000mm
Spindle Nose to Table  240-1040mm 240-1040mm 105-1105mm 105-1105mm
Distance between Columns 1700mm 1700mm 2500mm 2500mm
Spindle Taper  SK50/BT50/CAT50 SK50/BT50/CAT50 SK50/BT50/CAT50 SK50/BT50/CAT50
Spindle Servo Motor Siemens 22/60kw(29.92/81.6hp) 22/60kw(29.92/81.6hp) 22/60kw(29.92/81.6hp) 22/60kw(29.92/81.6hp)
Spindle Servo Motor Fanuc 22/26kw(29.92/35.36hp) 22/26kw(29.92/35.36hp) 22/26kw(29.92/35.36hp) 22/26kw(29.92/35.36hp)
Spindle Speed  6000rpm 6000rpm 6000rpm 6000rpm
Spindle Transmission Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Transmission Way of the Three Axis
Transmisson Way of X axis Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive
Transmisson Way of Y axis Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive
Transmisson Way of Z axis Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive
Rapid Feed X/Y/Z  15/15/12m/min 15/15/12m/min 12/12/10m/min 10/12/10m/min
Cutting Speed  1-10000mm/min 1-10000mm/min 1-10000mm/min 1-10000mm/min
Tool Changer
Tool Number  24 24 24 24
Tool Length 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Max.Tool Diam. (without Adjacent Tool) 120/250mm 120/250mm 120/250mm 120/250mm
Max.Tool Weight 15kg 15kg 15kg 15kg
VDI 3441(Full Travel) Positioning accuracy 0.016;Positioning 

repeatability 0.013

Positioning accuracy 0.019;Positioning 

repeatability 0.015

Positioning accuracy 0.018;Positioning 

repeatability 0.015

Positioning accuracy 0.025;Positioning 

repeatability 0.020

Dimension & Weight
Dimensions 6700×4700×4550mm 8700×4700×4550mm 7800×5300×4950mm 9800×5300×4950mm
Weight  240000kg 26000kg 29000kg 33000kg



• Siemens/Fanuc Controller

• Fully Enclosed Splash Guard 

• Air-Condition for Electrical Cabinet 

• Rigid Tapping 

• Ethernet, CF Card And USB Interface 

• Automatic Lubrication System 

• Coolant System 

• Spindle Cooling System 

• Led Working Lamp 

• End of Program Light 

• Electronic Handwheel(MPG) 

• Tool Box 

• Leveling Bolts and Blocks 

• Coolant Gun 

• Air Gun 

• Operation Manual



• 24 Pockets Arm Tool Changer

• Chip Conveyor(Two Screw Type and one Chain Type) 

• 8000rpm Spindle Speed

• Manual Milling Head 90deg 2000rpm

• Automatic Indexing 90deg Milling

   Head 2000rpm (Manual Head Change) 

• Manual Multiangular Milling Head 2000rpm

• Coolant Through Spindle

• Heidenhain Direct Measuring System in X, Y, Z

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