ASTRA 3VS Turret Mill

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Spindle Taper R8*
Diameter of Quill 85.7mm
Number of Spindle Speeds Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds 50-3500rpm
Spindle Travel 127mm
Quill Feed 0.04,0.08,0.15mm/rev
Head Movement 90° right/left 45°front/rear
Max Distance Spindle Nose to Table 463mm
Min Distance Spindle Nose to Table 57mm
Max Distance Spindle Center to Column 533mm
Min Distance Spindle Center to Column 213mm
Size of Table 1067x230mm
Max Weight of Workpiece 250 Kgs
Longitudinal Travel Auto 640mm
Cross Travel 305mm
X Axis Feed Rates 800mm/min
‘T’ Slot Size 16mm
‘T’ Slot Centres 63mm
Number of ‘T’ Slots 3
Travel of Knee 406mm
Ram Travel 320mm
Motor 2.25kw(3hp)
Overall Dimensions(WxDxH) 1400x1450x2100mm
Net Weight 900kg

• Central Lubrication System
• Variable Speed
• Power Feed Quill
• R8 Spindle
• Quill Power Feed Auto Stop
• Adjustable Leadnuts
• Longitudinal Table Stops

• 3 - Axis Digital Readout
• Longitudinal Power Feed
• K160 Machine Vice
• Coolant System
• Steel Coolant Tray
• Halogen Worklight
• One Shot Lubrication
• Interlocked Spindle Guard
• Tool Box
• Clamp Kit
• Set of R8 Collets
• Manual and Parts List
• Drill Chuck

• Dividing Head
• Rotary Table
• Powered Cross Feed
• Powered Z Axis Feed
• Boring Head
• Angle Plates