Blum TC50 High Speed Touch Probe

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TC50 touch probes – Manufacture more productively with measuring speeds of up to 3 m/min

Universal touch probe systems for extremely fast measurements under the harshest conditions in medium and large machine tools. Superior precision and speed due to modern, multi-directional measuring mechanism with optoelectronic switch signal generation.

Wear-free, optoelectronic signal generation

  • The trigger signal is generated via shading of a miniature light barrier
  • Enables much higher measuring speeds and accuracies than comparable touch probes
  • Wear-free with long-term stability

High-precision, rotationally symmetrical measuring mechanism

  • Precise, non-lobing touch characteristics
  • Constant deflection forces
  • Spindle indexing is not required
  • No disadvantageous 3-leg principle with lobing effect
  • No highly sensitive switching elements

Reliable and proven transmission technology

  • Probe TC50: Infrared transmission
  • DUO-Mode: Sequential use of 2 infrared measuring systems with one receiver
  • Sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver
  • TWIN mode: Simultaneous use of 2 radio measuring systems on one machine
  • Very long battery life