Centreless Grinder

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Model CLG300VS CLG500VS CLG500VS-+
Grinding Range Diameter 1-30mm 2-50mm 2-50mm
Grinding Wheel Size 305x150x120mm 455x205x228.6mm 510x205x304.8mm
Regulating Wheel Size 230x150x127mm 280x205x139.7mm 305x205x177.8mm
Grinding Wheel Speed 2000m/min 2000m/min 2000m/min
Regulating Wheel Speed 10-3000rpm 10-3000rpm 10-3000rpm
Grinding Wheel Motor 5.5kw (7.5hp) 11kw (15hp) 15kw (20hp)
Regulating Wheel Motor 1.3kw (1.75hp) 1.8kw (2.4hp) 2.9kw (3.9hp)
Hydraulic Pump Motor 0.75kw (1hp) 0.75kw (1hp) 0.75kw (1hp)
Coolant Pump Motor 0.1kw (0.125hp) 0.19kw (0.25hp) 0.19kw (0.25hp)
Grinding wheel Size 3.5(rev) 0.05(grad) 3.5(rev) 0.05(grad) 3.5(rev) 0.05(grad)
Upper Slide Feed Graduation 0.1(rev) 0.001(grad) 0.1(rev) 0.001(grad) 0.1(rev) 0.001(grad)
Upper Slide Micro Feed Graduation 10(rev) 0.05(grad) 10(rev) 0.05(grad) 10(rev) 0.05(grad)
Lower Slide Feed Graduation 0.2(rev) 0.001(grad) 0.2(rev) 0.001(grad) 0.2(rev) 0.001(grad)
Lower Slide Micro Feed Graduation 1.25(rev) 0.01(grad) 2(rev) 0.01(grad) 2(rev) 0.01(grad)
Dressing Device Regulation +/-5deg +/-5deg +/-5deg
Regulating Wheel Tilt angle +/-5deg +/-5deg +/-5deg
Regulating Wheel Swivel Angle 1900x1550x1420mm 2300x1800x1600mm 2500x2150x1600mm
Machine Dimensions 1700kg 3300kg 3900kg

• Roller and Ball Bearings
• Grinding Wheel + Flange
• Regulating Wheel + Flange
• Infeed Work Rest
• Thrufeed Work Rest
• Coolant
• Diamond Truing Tool
• Work Lamp
• Toolbox
• Operation Manual and Parts List

• Hydrostatic Bearings
• Manual Work Feeder for Infeed Grinding
• Work Ejector
• Oil Mist Seperator
• Grinding Wheel Face Dressing Unit
• Hydrocyclone Coolant Filter
• Paper Filter
• Magnetic Coolant Seperator
• Rotary Type Dressing Unit
• Support for Long Bar Grinding
•Hydraulic Oil Cooler
• Profile Template
• Wheel Balancing Stand and Arbor
• Auto Unloading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding
• Auto Loading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding
• Auto Unloading Attachment for Infeed Grinding
• Auto Loading Attachment for Infeed Grinding