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Model Cerus 18
Swing over bed 446mm
Swing in gap 620mm
Swing over cross slide 240mm
Distance between centers 900mm
X axis 250mm
Z axis 900mm
Speed range 2500rpm.
Spindle nose D1-6
Spindle hole diameter 55mm
Spindle taper 6MT
Motor power 5.5/7.5KW
Tool allowance?QCT 20mm
Tool shank V8(opt.) 30mm
X axis rapid traverse 15M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 15M/min
jog feed 3M/min
Positioning + / - 0.005mm
Repeatability 0.005mm
Bed width 300mm
Cross slide guide width 200mm
X axis power 6.3(Fagor)Nm
Z axis power 6.3(Fagor)Nm
X axis 20mm×5mm P.×C3mm
Z axis 32mm×5mm P.×C3mm
Quill diameter 52mm
Quill inside taper 4MT
Pump 40756HP
Pump motor 25W
Pump capacity 130cc/min.
Weight 2100kg
Dimensions 2230x1443x1790mm

  • Ideal for Education
  • Big Capacity at Competitive Price
  • Fagor or Yaskawa Package Servo Motor Including Spindle and Axis Servo Motors
  • High Spindle Speed and Powerful Spindle Output Torque & Power
  • Completed Package CNC Control
  • Full Enclosure with Safety Switch and Door Interlock
  • Quick Change Toolpost with Toolholders Offered as Standard
  • Machine is Prepared for Turret to be Mounted in Rear Side
  • Single Speed, 3000Rpm
  • All CE Configuration
  • Clear Machining Room and Easy Chip Removing
  • Small Floor Space Required
  • 15 M/Min Rapid Feed
  • Thread Repair Function

  • CNC Control Fagor 8055I/A TC LCD Color Screen Display
  • Fagor Package Servo Motor Including Spindle And Axis Servo Motors
  • A2-5 52mm Spindle Bore
  • Single Speed
  • Tailstock
  • Fully Enclosed Splash Guard ith Interlock Safety Device
  • Coolant System
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Quick Change Tool Post, Multifix B, Including -
  • 3 Square Tool Holders & 1 Bar Holder
  • Swivel Control Panel
  • Tool Set & Box, Level Pads, Operation Manual & Parts List
Optional Accessories
  • Manual 8¡± 3-Jaw Chuck (Brand Strong Sk-8
  • Hydraulic 6¡± 3-Jaw Chuck with Hard Jaw & Soft Jaw (Through Hole Dia. 40Mm
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Work Light
  • Hyd. Turret Ls-120 Regulary Type/8 Tools Rear Mounted (Toolholder Excluded
  • LS Turret Preparation (Riser Block & Wirings Only
  • Tool Holder Package for LS-120 Regular Turret
  • Gib & Spacer X 8 Sets
  • Facing Toolholder X 2 Pc
  • Boring Bar Holder X 3 Pc
  • Boring Bar Holder with Coolant Through Toolholder X 1 Pc
  • Sleeve 12Mm, 16Mm, 20Mm, Mt3 Each
  • Sleeve For Coolant Through Toolholder 20Mm X 1
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Joy Sticker


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