CHALLENGER VS Variable Speed Lathe

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Swing Over Bed 356mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 220mm
Swing In Gap Diameter 506mm
Valid Length Of Gap 145mm
Admits Between 1000mm
Width Of Bed 206mm
Spindle Nose D1-4
Spindle Bore 50mm
Taper Of Spindle Bore MT No.6
Range Of Spindle Speed L:45-1800r.p.m;H:155-3000r.p.m
Compound Rest Travel 92mm
Cross Slide Travel 178mm
Max.Section Of Tool 16mmx16mm
Lead Screw Thread 8T.P.I or 4mm
Longitudinal Feeds Range 0.043-0.653mm/rev(Metric Lathe)
Cross Feeds Range 0.015-0.220mm/rev(Metric Lathe)
Quill Diameter 45mm
Quill Travel 120mm
Quill Taper MT No.3
Main Motor Power 4kw
Overall Dimension 1820x740x125mm
Net Weight 750kg

  • Removable Swarf Tray
  • Variable Speed
  • Rigid Construction
  • Optional Taper Turning Attachment
  • Bed Stop
  • Jog Facility

  • 200mm 3-Jaw Chuck
  • 200mm 4-Jaw Chuck
  • Live Centre
  • Fixed Steady
  • Travelling Steady
  • Coolant System
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Manual & Parts List
  • Accuracy Report
  • Camlock Spindle
  • 2 Axis Digital Readout

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