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Model Charger 2660/2680/26120 Charger 3060/3080/30120 Charger 3060B/3080B/30120B
Swing Over Bed 660mm 770mm 770mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 360mm 470mm 470mm
Center Height 330mm 385mm 385mm
Distance Between Centers 1500/2000/3000mm 1500/2000/3000mm 1500/2000/3000mm
Width of Bed 480mm 480mm 480mm
Spindle Speeds – 4 Step
H1: 541-1200rpm H1: 541-1200rpm H1: 387-860rpm
H2: 166-540rpm H2: 166-540rpm H2: 119-386rpm
L1: 76-165rpm L1: 76-165rpm L1: 76-165rpm
L2: 25-75rpm L2: 25-75rpm L2: 25-75rpm
Spindle Nose A111 D111 A111 D111 A211
Spindle Bore 104mm 104mm 155mm
Chuck Size 15” 15” 15”
Longitudinal Working Stroke – Z Axis 1500/2000/3000mm 1500/2000/3000mm 1500/2000/3000mm
Cross Slide Working Stroke – X Axis 400mm 400mm 400mm
Topslide Width 140mm 140mm 140mm
Size Of Toolpost Shank 32 x 32mm 32 x 32mm 32 x 32mm
Tailstock Diameter 105mm 105mm 105mm
Tailstock Travel 150mm 150mm 150mm
Tailstock Taper MT5 / MT6 MT5 / MT6 MT6
Spindle Motor 11.25Kw (15Hp) 11.25Kw (15Hp) 11.25Kw (15Hp)
Drives (X.Y) AC Servo AC Servo AC Servo
Rapid Traverse X/Z 5/10 m/min 5/10 m/min 5/10 m/min
Range of Feeds in Manual Mode 0.01-500 mm/rev 0.01-500 mm/rev 0.01-500 mm/rev
Coolant Pump 0.19Kw (0.25Hp) 0.19Kw (0.25Hp) 0.19Kw (0.25Hp)
Machine Weight 500/5500k/6000gs 500/5500k/6700gs 500/5500k/6900gs
Machine Dimensions
3985 x 2240 x 2220mm 3985 x 2240 x 2220mm 3985 x 2240 x 2220mm
4485 x 2240 x 2220mm 4485 x 2240 x 2220mm 4485 x 2240 x 2220mm
5485 x 2240 x 2220mm 5485 x 2240 x 2220mm 5485 x 2240 x 2220mm

• 15” 3 Jaw Chuck
• Fagor 8055TCA Control with 11”LCD Monitor Full Keyboard
• Chuck Guard
• Automatic Lubrication System
• Coolant System
• Halogen Light
• 4-Way Toolpost & Rear Toolpost
• Centers & Centers Sleeve
• Tools & Tool Box
• Operation Manual

• 20” 4-Jaw Chuck
• 20HP Fagor AC Servo Motor
• 25HP Fagor AC Servo Motor
• Steady Rest (¿70-370mm)
• Follow Rest for 660
• 4-Way Electric Tool Post
• 20hp Motor

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