CHARGER CNC Oil country Lathe

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Model BB12 BB19 BB26 BB35
Swing Over Bed 770mm 770mm 1000mm 1100mm
Swing Over Carriage 480mm 480mm 630mm 730mm
Maximum Length of Workpiece 1000,1500,2000,3000mm 1000,1500,2000,3000mm 1500,3000,5000mm 1500,3000,5000mm
Maximum Turning Length 600,850,1350,1850,2850mm 600,850,1350,1850,2850mm 1300,2800,4800mm 1300,2800,4800mm
Span of Guideway 550mm 550mm 755mm 755mm
Spindle Nose C11 C11 A215 A215
Step of Spindle Speed 16 8 Variable Variable
Range of Spindle Speed 250-800 90-450 6-400 5-320
Spindle Bore 130mm 200mm 275mm 355mm
Centre Height from Bed 385 385 500 550


  • Siemens 828D-260 Control System
  • Vertical 4 Position Electric Turret
  • 780mm 4 jaw chuck
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Work light
  • Coolant system
  • Heat exchanger


  • Steady rest 50-470mm
  • BB12, BB19:
    • 400mm pneumatic chucks
    • Horizontal 6 position turret
  • BB26:
    • 630mm hydraulic chucks
    • Vertical 6 position turret

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