CUTERAL CAB-550 Fully Auto Hydraulic PLC Bandsaw

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Model CAB550
Cutting Capacity 550x550mm at 90deg
Blade Dimensions 41x1.3x6780mm
Blade Motor 4Kw (5.4hp)
Hydraulic Motor 3kw (4hp)
Cooling Motor 0.12kw (0.16hp)
Chip Conveyor Motor 0.18kw (0.24hp)
Chip Brush Motor 0.9kw (1.2hp)
Maximum Power 5.22kw (7hp)
Cutting Speed 20-100m/min
Weight 4380kg

• Superior Labor Quality
• Linear Guide Columns
• Automatic Material Feeding on Linear Guides
• 500mm Material Feeding at Once (Optional: 1000mm)
• Hydraulic Blade Tensioning
• Hydraulic Material Clamping
• Material Feeding with Ball-Screw
• Main Vice that Holds the Cut Material
• Hardened and Changeable Middle Body Surface, Composed of Three Pieces
• Steel Material Clamping Vices
• Tilt touch of the Blade to the Material
• Blade Breakage Switch
• Variable Blade Speed
• Speed Adjustment Valve that is Not Affected by Heat-Pressure Changes
• Good Quality Electrical Components
• Adjustable Top-Limit Switch
• Adjustable Moving Jaw Switches
• Length Measuring by NC, without Length-Stop Apparatus
• Touch-Screen Control Panel
• Programming 10 Different Lengths at Once for Cutting
• Electronic Variable Blade Speed Control at the touch-Panel Screen
• Failure Observation on the Screen
• Thermic-Protected Electric Motors
• Phase Protection Relay
• Control Panel Switch and Blade Cover Switches for Safety
• Manual and Automatic Operation Choices
• Automatic Stop After Cut Material Finishes
• Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade
• 1 M Roller Table
• Easy Hydraulic System Control by Manometers
• Three Bearings for Blade Guiding
• One Bearing for Blade Edge
• Adjustable Carbide Blade Guides
• Chip Brush and Chip Conveyor
• Hydraulic Top Clamping (Optional)
• Blade Guide that Moves with Vice
• Easily Cleanable Mobile Cooling Liquid Store
• Standard Spare Parts and Modular System


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