CUTERAL CSM400-800 Semi Automatic Hydraulic Column Bandsaw

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Model CSM400-800
Cutting Capacity Square 400x400mm
Cutting Capacity Rectangular at 90deg 400x800mm
Cutting Capacity Rectangular at 45deg 400x500mm
Cutting Capacity Rectangular at 30deg 400x655mm
Blade Dimensions 54x1.6x8130mm
Blade Motor 5.5kw (7.3hp)
Hydraulic Motor 3kw (4hp)
Cooling Motor 0.12kw (0.16hp)
Maximum Power 8.62kw (11.55hp)
Cutting Speed 15-100m/min
Weight 3750kg

• Linear Bearing Pillar
• Linear Bearing Bandsaw Adjustment Foot
• Electronic Variable Blade Speed
• Easy Cleaning Mobile Cutting Liquid Reservior and Shaving Basket.
• Two-Part Clamp System That Holds The Cut Material
• Accurate Head Descending Speed
• Blade Approach to Material with 5-Degree Angle
• The Automatic Stop and Hydraulic Head Lift Up Specification after Finish • Of Cutting
• Hydraulic Bandsaw Stretching
• Hydraulic Material Clamping
• Motorized Chip Brush
• Adjustable Material Clamping Pressure
• Mobile Roller Table with 6 Rolls
• Steel Material Clamping Clamps
• Bandsaw Cutting Liquid System.
• Steel Central Body.
• Bandsaw Break Switch, Fase Safety Relay.
• Cast Blade Pulleys Housed from Two Points
• Thermic Protected Electic Motors
• Safety Switches on Panel and Bandsaw Covers.
• Bimetal Bandsaw
• Three Bearings for Blade Guiding
• Two Bearings for Blade Guiding
• Blade Foot That Moves with Clamp and Carbide Blade Guides
• Adjustable Top-Limit Switch
• Easy Hydraulic Control System By The Means Of Manometers
• Cooling Liquid and Hydraulic Oil Level Indicators.
• Double Way Cutting by Swivel Miter.

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