Dividing Plates for Rotary Tables

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The DIVIDING PLATE SET consists of 2 Indexing Plates, a Sector and a Handle with Plunger.

Using this DIVIDING PLATE SET the indexing of 2 to 100 divisions can be attained quickly and accurately.


DP-1 A Plate… 15,16,17,18,19,20

B Plate… 21,23,27,29,31,33

C Plate… 37,39,41,43,47,49

DP-2,3 A Plate… 26,28,30,32,34,37,38,39,41,43,44,46,47,49,51,53,57,59

B Plate… 61,63,67,69,71,73,77,79,81,83,87,89,91,93,97,99

Stock-code Order No. Suitable for Dividing plate set screw Inner diameter of sector arm Outer diameter 


of spring clip

Grove width in 


handle plate

HOM-DP-1 DP-1 HHV-100/HHV-150 PCD. 32 ø1.26 21 18 9 2.5kg
HOM-DP-2 DP-2 HHV-200,250 PCD. (3holes) 46 ø1.81 28.7 44 10 4kg
HOM-DP-3 DP-3 HHV-300,350,400 PCD. (3holes) 46 ø1.81 28.7 44 10 4kg