Gang Type Drilling Machine GP32-G

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Model GP32-G
Drilling Mild Steel 31.5mm
Drilling Cast Iron 31.5mm
Tapping Mild Steel M20
Tapping Cast Iron M24
Spindle Taper MT3
Distance from Spindle to Column 265mm
Distance from Spindle to Table (min/max) 325/520mm
Swivel of Drilling Head 360º
Vertical Travel of Drilling Head 195mm
Table Size 2350x600mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Table 3/24x19x14mm
Distance Between T Slots 80mm
Max. Spindle Traverse (hand/power) 150mm
Number of Spindle Speeds Variable

Range of Spindle Speeds


Number of Feed Rates Variable
Base Working Surface 2350x450mm

Column Diameter

Main Motor Power 6kW (8hp)
Overall Height 1850mm
Footprint 2908x1085mm
Net Weight 1650kg
Coolant Motor Power 0.18kW(0.24hp)
Table Elevation Motor Power 1.1kW(1.47hp)
Clamping/Hydraulic Motor 0.75kW(1hp)
Overall Height 2480mm
Footprint (LxW) 2195x970mm
Net Weight 3200kg


Optional Accessories

  • Vice
  • Clamp Kit

Standard Accessories

  • Drill Chuck
  • Taper Sleeve
  • Arbor
  • Drift
  • Wrench


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