HB110C-CNC CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

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Model HB110C-CNC
Spindle Diameter 110mm
Milling Bar End Diameter 221.44mm
Spindle Taper ISO50
Tool Shank Type JT50/or MAS403 BT50
Pullstud Type LD—50D/or MAS403 P50T-I
Spindle Speed Rate 10-3000rpm
Main Motor Power 22/30(30min)kW
Spindle Max. Torque 1200Nm
Rotary Table- Size 1250×1400mm (1250×1250mm optional)
Rotary Table- Max. Load 6000kgs
Table Transverse Travel (X) 2000mm (2500,3000mm optional)
Spindle Box Max. Travel (Y) 1600mm( 2000mm optional)
Table Longitudinal Travel (Z) 1200mm
Boring Bar Max. Travel (W) 550mm
Cutting Feed Speed Range X,Y,Z 1-5000mm/min
Cutting Feed Speed Range W 1-2000mm/min
Cutting Feed Speed Range B 0.001-1rpm
Rapid Feed Speed Range- X, Y, Z 18000mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed Range- W 5000mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed Range- B 2rpm
Positioning Precision- X, Y, Z 0.015mm
Positioning Precision- W 0.02mm
Positioning Precision- B 8"
Repeat Positioning Precision- X, Y, Z 0.01mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- W 0.015mm
Repeat Positioning Precision- B 6"
Main Power of Electricity 70KVA
Size 5300x4700x4200mm
Weight 22 000kgs

• Siemens 840D CNC System
• Spring Center
• Centering Detection Apparatus
• Boring Bar with Taper Shank
• Reducing Sleeve, Morse 5#

• Vertical Milling Head
• Universal Milling Head
• Elongating Milling Head
• Facing Head
• Cooling Filter & Chip Conveyor

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