HB130-CNC CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

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Model HB130-CNC
Worktable Size 1400x1600mm
Max Load on The Table 10000kgs
T-Slot 28x9mmxN
Spindle Diameter 130 mm
Spindle Taper ISO 7:24 JT.50(Optional BT 50)
Spindle Speed 10-2000r/min (stepless speed)
Max. Torque of Spindle 2500(Continuous)/3000(30 min.) N.m
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface Max. 1700mm Min. 100mm
Transverse Travel of Table X 2000(optional 3000,3500,4000)mm
Vertical Travel of Headstock Y 1600(optional 2000,2500,3000) mm
Longitudinal Travel of Column Z 1600(optional 2000) mm
Spindle Travel W 800mm
Rotation of Rotary Table B 0.001°x360°
Feed Speed- X/Y/Z 9 m/min
Feed Speed - W 3 m/min
B Rotary Table Speed 1 r/min
Positioning Accuracy-
Executing Standard X,Y,Z; W
X,Y,Z :0.018 X=3000mm Closed Loop 0.022 X=4000mm Closed Loop 0.027 W:0.020
B(4X90°) 12(4)
Executing Standard X,Y,Z; W
X,Y,Z :0.013 X=3000mm Closed Loop 0.013 X=4000mm Closed Loop 0.018 W:0.018
B(4X90°) 10(2)
Dimension of Machine(LXWXH) 6700X7800X4700
Electric Total Capacity 100KVA

• Siemens 840D Cnc System or Fanuc 31I System
• Main Drive System
• Drive System for X,Y,Z
• Main Structure
• Hydraulic System
• Auto Lubrication System
• Cooling Water System(Cycle)
• Guide-Way Protection For X, Y, Z
• Measuring With Scale For X,Y,Z
• Chain Type Chip Conveyor

• Bigger Worktable Size and Max Load
• 40 PC Tool Magazine
• 60 PC Tool Magazin e
• Coolant through Spindle 10 bar/30L (with Paper Band Filter)
• Coolant through Spindle 17.5 bar/30L (with Paper Band Filter)
• Coolant Through Spindle 30 Bar/30L (with Paper Band Filter)
• Worktable Area Protection
• Spindle Speed increased to 2900/3000rpm (Fanuc/ Siemens
• Increased Main Motor Power
• Protection of Column and Headstock Y
• Right Angle Milling Head (Spindle Taper No.50):
• Renishaw Measuring
• Splitter for Oil and Water (for Spindle Outer Coolant)
• With Paper Band Filter (for Coolant Through Spindle)
• Pneumatic Paper Unit (for Coolant Through Spindle)
• Hubble Thermostatic Tank (for Oil Cooler)
• Air Conditioning for Electric Cabinet (without FCKW)
• Bend Plate
• Cube Box



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