HB130/HB130/2 Horizontal Boring Machine

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Model HB130 HB130/2
Boring Spindle Diameter 130mm 130mm
Spindle Taper Metric 80 Metric 80/ISO50
Spindle Torque – Max: 3136mm 3136mm
Facing Head Torque 4900mm 4900mm
Spindle Thrust – Max: 31360mm 31360mm
Spindle Travel 900mm 900mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 24 24
Spindle Speeds 4-800rpm 4-800rpm
Facing Slide Travel 250mm 250mm
Table Size 1600x1400mm 1800x1600mm
Workpiece Weight Max: 8000kg 10000kg
Spindle Axis to Table Min: 0 0
Spindle Axis to Table Max: 1400mm 1800mm
Table Travel 1500x1600mm 2000x2000mm*
Spindle, Headstock and Table Feeds 0.05-8/0.01-2mm/rev 0.05-8/0.01-2mm/rev
Main Motor 15kw(20.1hp) 15kw(20.1hp)
Net Weight 24000Kg 29300Kg
Overall Dimensions 6995 x 3647 x 3442mm 7149 x 4665 x 3800mm

• Pendant Control
• High precision Table and Spindle
• Newall Digital Readout
• Ergonomic Design

• Face Plate
• Spindle Taper:ISO 7:24 #50
• DRO from Newall (UK) for X,Y Axis
• Pendant Control Panel
• Lubrication System
• Tool Box
• Operation Manual

• Rear Column
• Changing Gears
• Boring Tool Holder for Facing Head
• Milling Tool Holder for Facing Head
• Turning Tool Holder for Facing Head
• Z-axis DRO
• B-axis DRO
• Angle Table 1000x630x800mm
• Thread-cutting Tool Holder for Spindle
• Universal Boring Head
• Boring Tools (12pcs)


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