HB90-VS Horizontal Boring Machine

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Model HB90-VS
Spindle Diameter 90mm
Spindle Taper ISO7:24 No40
Max. spindle Torque 820N.m
Max. spindle Thrust 8200N
Number of Spindle Speed Stepless
Range of Spindle Speed 8-1000r/min
Power of Main Motor 11kw(14.74hp)
Table Working Surface (L×W) 1000×900mm
Max. Permissible Load on Table 2500kg
T-Slot 22mm
Number of T-Slot 7
X-Axis Travel 900mm
Y-Axis Travel 900mm
Z-Axis Travel 1000mm
W-Axis Travel (Spindle Travel) 600mm
B-Axis Worktable Rotary 360°
Min. Axis Distanceand Table Between Surface Spindle 0mm
Feed Range (X/Y/Z) 0.33-2000mm/min
Measurement System Reading Precision (X/Y/Z) (Z-axis Measurement Optional) 0.005mm
Positioning Accuracy (X/Y/Z/W) (B-axis Measurement Optional) 0.001mm
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 4900×2450×2700mm
Weight of Machine 14500kg

• Point-to-point Automatic Positioning Accuracy +/- 0,02mm
• Safety Protection Device Conforms to International Standards
• Oil Return Groove Enables to Retutilize Lubricating Oil
• Headstock is Integrated with the Hydraulic System of the Bed, for less Hydraulic Oil Consumption
• Little Power Loss Thanks to Shortened Driving Chain and Reduced Idle Capacity
• Easy Operation : with Simple Training, the Operator can Operate the Machine
• Drilling Cycle: Rapid Feed Movement; Drilling Feed; Withdraw at Full Speed
• Milling Cycle: Automatic end Face Milling and Boring Machine Cycle
• Peck Drilling Cycle: Drilled to Specified Depth, the Withdraw for Chip Removal; rapid Returning to Drilling Position, Continous Drilling Feed

• Fiyang NC Controller
• X,Y,Z,W Axes Dro( Newall)
• Adjustable Pads
• Spindle Taper : ISO7:24 40#
• Lubrication System
• Tool Kits
• Foundation Books
• Manual Books

• B-Axis Dro (American Gpi)
• Boring Tools (12Pcs)


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